New Fabric Collections from Kravet – Nate Berkus, Studio C, Clark & Clark

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One would be hard put to find collections that diverge as much as the new fabric collections Kravet is now offering from Nate Berkus, Studio G, and Clark & Clark.

From colors to textures, from solids to patterns, and from embroidery to embossing, these new fabric collections present interior designers and luxury furnishing specialists with multiple opportunities to create unique settings in any home or office environment.

Well-Traveled Fabric Collection by Nate Berkus

In his first fabric collection for Kravet, Nate Berkus wanted to allow freedom for designers to showcase their distinct point of view. Incorporating inspiration from Nate’s many travels abroad, his new Well-Traveled collection offers a fresh perspective that mixes history, architecture, art, and craftsmanship.

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“Travel is always such an important part of anything I design. For this collection, we explored techniques from places such as Mexico and Peru, and also mined museum exhibits and archives for pattern inspiration. I wanted to create the perfect balance of curated pattern, technique and texture.” – Nate Berkus


Well-Traveled presents casual cotton and linen textures with the mix of archival prints to create light and livable rooms with the thoughtful care Berkus brings to every project. We’ll let him share his thoughts on putting together this new fabric collection.

“In the 20-plus years I’ve been doing this, it’s always been about giving people permission to tell their story and to live only with what they love. My hope for this collection is that a certain pattern or colorway will resonate, and will help add another layer to a room… Whether that’s as a set of drapes, a reupholstered sofa or a throw pillow.” – Nate Berkus

Roof Garden Fabric Collection by Studio G

Launched in 2016, Studio G is a second brand from Lee & Emma Clarke and is aimed at the mid sector of the market; lively, fashionable and accessible, appealing to aspirational and fashion aware consumers. In addition, C&C Contract collections are specially produced for the contract and hospitality markets, bringing a fashion-forward look to commercial spaces around the world.

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With a generally light and airy feel, the Roof Garden collection of fabrics remains comfortable and compelling thanks to its outdoorsy sense of playfulness.

With names like cactus, rainfall, stepping stones, and terrace trail, these fabrics are an ode to nature, regardless of the space in which they are used.


Clark & Clark Fabric Collections

Founded in 1999 by Lee & Emma Clarke, Clarke & Clarke has established itself as one of the global leaders in the home furnishings market. The company now distributes products to retailers, manufacturers and interiors designers in over 90 countries and has earned a reputation for providing innovative designs, exceptional quality and excellent value for money.

The company markets its products under two brands; Clarke & Clarke, which is transitional in style, targeting the mid to upper end of the interiors sector and brings inspirational design from the catwalk to the home, and Studio G.


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New Brunschwig & Fils Patterns and Colors from Les Touches

At the Kravet blog, we have recently been introduced to some exciting new Brunschwig & Fils patterns and colors from their iconic line, Les Touches.Les Touches is one of the most recognizable patterns in Brunschwig & Fils extensive catalog. The classic design has spanned decades and taken on many forms over the years, but one thing has always remained true: it is perennially loved by interior designers.This stylized animal pattern was originally developed from a post-World War II folio of photographs. The delicate pattern looks hand-painted on the surface, offering a softer take on the striking design. With its latest offering, Brunschwig & Fils is introducing nine new colorways, bringing the total color offering up to 18. This beautiful and original assortment lends itself to many different interior aesthetics. The new colors and patterns include a range of neutrals with pops of tangerine, berry, and peridot.Brunschwig & Fils’ Expands Offering with New Colorways from Les TouchesDesigner Danielle Rollins, who famously also creates clothing out of Brunschwig fabric, says Les Touches can stand on its own in any room. “I love Les Touches because it is the classic bright happy go anywhere print. It can make a dominant statement on its own or it can bridge other patterns perfectly,” says Rollins.new Brunschwig & FilsFor other designers, it’s about Brunschwig & Fils’ strong heritage within the design industry. “I love the legacy of Brunschwig fabrics – so many of my favorite patterns are decades-old, yet still feel very current,” says Marisa Friedman.new from Les TouchesLes Touches is also admired for its versatility. The linear pattern, depending on its color, is suitable in a traditional and modern setting alike. “Les Touches is such a classic pattern, yet it lends itself to almost any style. In this case, I wanted to emphasize the playful nature of the pattern in a sunny, casual master bedroom,” says Liz Grina.Les Touches patternsThis versatility also allows the pattern to make its own statement in a room, or coordinate with more bold motifs. “It can play off any lead fabric and the movement works with almost any other scaled fabric,” says Emily Gonzalez. “Les Touches is so great because I can mix it in as a geometric print or a floral when needed and it is always relevant in any space and in any style.”Over the years, the Brunschwig & Fils design studio has reinvented this iconic pattern – as a print, an embroidery, a wallpaper and more. Throughout this rich history, Les Touches remains a tried and true, time-honored Brunschwig & Fils classic.If you would like to discover more of what’s new from Brunschwig & Fils home furnishing designs, Contact TD Fall today.

Interior Design Trends – New Fabric Collections from Lee Jofa & Kravet

It’s always exciting to explore new design trends and collections; especially from leading design manufacturers like Lee Jofa and Kravet. From upholstery to trimmings and from prints and weaves to beautifully embroidered fabrics, Lee Jofa is offering some truly lovely looks and feels for the new year.Westport Collection by Lee JofaLee Jofa’s newest collection, Westport, captures a casual but sophisticated lifestyle. Inspired by an eclectic mix of design references, ranging from 19th-century Persian tile work to 20th century Art Deco textiles, the collection will inspire schemes for a variety of well-dressed rooms. These exclusive prints, weaves, and trimmings were conceived to work beautifully together and all share in the same laid-back, but luxurious, point of view. The collection’s palette is comprised of fresh, pretty colors featuring watery blues, blossoming pinks, woodsy greens and sandy neutrals combined in new and interesting ways.new embroidery designsDavenport Collection by Lee JofaDavenport, printed on a linen ground cloth, is a bold and graphic floral design based on a 1930’s archival textile and is offered in five signature colorways. Based on Persian motifs, Lido is a versatile design printed in England on a fine linen and cotton blend union cloth. Both Seacliffe and Laine are authentic hand blocked prints enhanced with artisanal embroidery detailing.new Lee Jofa collectionNew Embroideries by Lee JofaLovely needlework is incorporated to produce Bradford Embroidery, a large-scaled tree-of-life design based on English crewel work. A more modern sensibility is expressed by the Ora Embroidery and Monterey Embroidery designs which have been produced in the collection’s distinctive colorations on fine linen-blend ground cloths.new fabric designs Lee JofaKolmar and Varona are exceptional upholstery weaves which play a supporting role to the many decorative patterns in the collection. Both are woven in Europe using a variety of yarns featuring linen blends and special finishes for a supple hand.interior design trends Lee JofaNew Trimmings by Lee JofaThe variety of trimmings offered in the Westport collection are an assortment of four tape designs derived from and complements to the decorative patterns in the collection. Offered in a mix of sizes and qualities, they provide the essential finishing touches for drapery and upholstery applications.new Jofa trimmingsView the entire Westport Collection from Lee Jofa here.Looking for more new interior design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.

Interior Design Trends for 2019 – Rooms Designs, Fabrics & Furnishings

While HGTV.com may not be the first go-to source for many designers, they definitely have their fingers on the pulse of interior design-inclined homeowners. With that in mind, it never hurts to take a look at interior design trends among consumers, since they are also your potential clients.2019 Design Trends from HGTVAlthough a maximalist design trend is in full swing coming into the new year, white wall paint will also be prevalent. Designers say they’re moving toward softer, warmer whites (such as dove gray) and away from the previously popular cold whites.room design trends 2019Among the most intriguing trends for 2019 is the use of high definition printing, which allows manufacturers to create porcelain tile that looks almost exactly like stone. Install it on walls, floors or countertops – the options are limited only by your imagination. large format porcelain tileThis trend is popping up in bathrooms across the country and designers expect to see even more of it in 2019. Exposed shower plumbing pairs well with subway tile or minimalist bathroom decor.bathroom design trendsWoods and elegant fabrics have been a stunning combination for centuries and will continue to be popular in the new year. Bare and finished woods, surrounded by plush furnishings, present an opportunity to combine simplicity with style; a rare feat in most designs that can lead to stunning results.dining room trends2019 New Arrivals from KravetWhile the trend toward white wall paint is undeniable (see our post on Color of the Year: Benjamin Moore, for example), there is also a strong trend toward using wallcoverings. Needless to say, Kravet is leading the way with a variety of coverings that offer many shades of white.Kravet color of the year Kravet wallcoverings Kravet colorsFabrics will also feature prominently in 2019 and, as always, Kravet designers have put together an array of looks, feels, and patterns that offer the opportunity to match any theme you can conceive.Kravet new arrivals 2019 Kravet fabrics fabric trends 2019Of course, no room design is complete without furnishings that match the theme. Once again, Kravet has come through with a stunning assortment of variations from which to choose. From elegant furnishings to lovely accent pieces, many of the new arrivals from Kravet will make interior design a pleasure in 2019.Kravet furnishingsKravet upholstered furniture Kravet accent piecesLooking for more interior design trends for 2019, online marketing tips, and design product ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.

Interior Design Trends – New Collection from Lee Jofa & Kravet

In her fourth collection with Groundworks at Lee Jofa, Kelly Wearstler addresses the latest interior design trends by presenting dynamic and illusionistic elements in a new collection of fabrics, leathers, wallcoverings, and trimmings.Geometric patterns stand out and seamlessly blend in this collection with the use of bold and subdued color. COVET piques interest with its angular nature and seemingly time-worn texture. The hard angles of a faceted gemstone are softened by the washed look of this linen-cotton blend digital print.interior design trendsPOST VELVET is another example of this range, featuring an overscale, graphic wood print that highlights an organic yet graphic element within the bold and neutral color stories.Lee Jofa fabric designsExceptional quality is at the forefront of so many patterns in this collection. PASTICHE features a maze-like embroidery that offers a soft structure to its textural ground.new fabricsCHANNELS, one of Kelly’s most adored patterns, is back with more versatile colorways, including darker shades, pushing the abstract and graphic boundaries of this bold pattern. It’s also offered as a stunning wallcovering.new fabric designsNew Lee Jofa Wallcoverings from KravetYet, RAPTURE PAPER is also available on silk and paper, offering a dynamic option for a more elevated and luxurious statement.Rapture PaperWe ’re not done yet though: RARITY PAPER coordinates with its fabric counterpart, offered in a wide range of color from soft warm neutrals to blush, jade and bold blues.Rarity Paper - Blush/IvoryFinally, one of this collection’s most exciting introductions is the new fashionable tassel fringe trimming. FELIX FRINGE is inspired by chunky constructions on textural grounds and successfully makes this vintage aesthetic feel contemporary.Felix FringeThis new collection from Kelly Wearstler offers an unexpected visual dialogue, enhanced by a graphic structure in patterns and nature using two and three-dimensional art, in an ever-evolving but always current color palette. Geometric and dynamic patterns stand out and seamlessly blend in this collection with the use of bold and subdued color.Looking for more new interior design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.

Furniture Labels Can Lie – Even When They’re Not Supposed To

is it real leatherProtecting your design clients from poor quality products should be a priority for any interior designer. Whether we’re talking about cheap paint that will not last, inexpensive rugs that unravel, or furniture that does not meet acceptable standards, since you're the expert they’ve hired to improve their space, it’s up to you to ensure that quality matches the price.A recent article in the Washington Post, though largely intended for consumers, brings to light an array of problems with furniture labeling, along with tips on how to avoid being taken by mislabeled furnishings.Since the FTC rescinded its specific guidelines for the household furniture industry in 2002, there are four areas that are most often mislabeled:

  1. Misrepresented wood – The old FTC guideline said manufacturers should not use wood names on their labels unless the piece was made of “solid wood of the type named.” In other words, calling a piece of furniture “oak” because it was coated in oak-colored stain or clad in oak veneer was against the rules.
  2. Misrepresented leather – “Bonded leather” is the scourge of the upholstered furniture industry. Bonded leather consists of a thin plastic front, a fabric middle and ground up leather particles on the back. It’s been the subject of consumer lawsuits and industry hand-wringing for years but, it’s still out there.
  3. Misrepresented fabric – Real linen is made from fibers found in the flax plant. It’s prized because it’s natural, durable and breathable, so it stays cool in the summer. Unfortunately, other fabrics are often passed off as linen.
  4. Misrepresented foam – There’s been a backlash against polyurethane foam because it’s a petroleum product. Enter “soy foam.” It’s a feel-good label that eco-conscious consumers seem to like. Yet, most cushions labeled “soy foam” are hybrids and are almost certainly made from far less soy foam than they are polyurethane foam.

Again, while this article was obviously intended for consumers, as an interior designer it’s important to stay on top of any trends in home furnishings that can help – or harm – your business. After all, placing inferior products in the home of one of your clients could have lasting implications for your reputation and the future of your business.“Remember, furniture sellers used to have to put all the details of a piece’s construction on the sales tag. Today it’s important to check any additional information on brochures or websites to get the full story. Furniture made of solid wood stained to look like another wood is not a bad thing, as long as it’s disclosed. Veneers are not inherently bad, either, as long as you’re aware and don’t count on refinishing them someday.”So, stay on top of what’s happening in your market and be aware of any suppliers who may be cutting corners – corners you can’t afford to cut and still keep your design clients happy.Looking for more new design trends, tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.

Nautical Home Design Trends for 2017

Even as shades of blue and vintage furniture become ever more dominant interior design trends, so too are nautical themes renewing their presence in homes across the country. From nautical decor to accents in the colors of sky, sea, and sand we’re seeing a freshening of the mood that can be created by living at, or near, a seaside resort.

Whether you and your client are eager to go “All-in” with a seafaring theme, or would rather hint at a maritime feel, a stunning array of furniture, wallcoverings, accents, and wall hangings are available to help you navigate your client’s needs.

The Seafaring Spirit is Alive and Well

Open and airy, breezy and comfy; those are the feelings that homeowners seek when they ask you for a nautical design theme. Here, a “sea of blues” wash over the inhabitants of this home in Martha’s Vineyard. From CountryLiving.com.

Nautical Home Design Trends for 2017

Not to be outdone, even the landlocked have access to a beach themed décor, with cushioned furniture in soothing white, cool blue, and relaxed gray-beige tones. From House-Interior.net.

Nautical Home Design Trends for 2017

If Living at the Beach is Impossible, Bring the Beach Home

A meal by the shore is still possible, even when dining in. From HouseBeautiful.com.

Nautical Home Design Trends for 2017

This beach-style bedroom will take you there, regardless of location. From Houzz.com.

Nautical Home Design Trends for 2017

Nautical Accents Make a Subtle Statement

Sometimes, the simplest accents are the best. Nautica throws from House-Interior.net.

Nautical Home Design Trends for 2017

Steamer trunks are a beautiful nautical accent that will not overwhelm a space. From HouseBeautiful.com.

Nautical Home Design Trends for 2017

Simple yet Elegant Nautical Furniture is Available

The Cape Porpoise Poster Bed in Crème Brulee finish from Somerset Bay furniture brings home the feel of Nantucket, regardless of where home is located. From SomersetBayHome.com.

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Farmhouse Design Ideas

From retro design to “modern,” there is a strong trend toward farmhouse design ideas in homes across the country. The reasons for this trend are as varied as the personalities involved: from those seeking a more “homey” feeling that brings back memories of times gone by, to those who find the look “kitschy” and cool.

Whatever your client’s reasons may be, being able to offer a farmhouse feeling to them may make the difference in closing a sale for your design services.

From the exterior to the interior, the farmhouse feel of a home can make a powerful statement of what the owner values. Even location makes a statement. In other words, your client does not have to live in the country to enjoy the farmhouse look in their home. This home is an adaptation of a traditional farmhouse in their open, rural settings, place within the denser urban context of a small town.(RobertBaumann.com)

Urban Farmhouse Design Ideasurban-farmhouse-1urban-farmhouse-2

Of course, if your client does choose to live in the country, the look and feel of living in a farmhouse does not preclude the installation and use of modern amenities and contemporary design ideas. In fact, innovation may be the most important area of the design challenge you accept when your client is looking to live in a modern farmhouse. (DesignNW.com)

Modern Farmhouse Design Ideasurban-farmhouse-3urban-farmhouse-4It’s hard to argue with the results of this farmhouse kitchen look. The slate gray paint, alder cabinets, and stressed oak make this kitchen look as if it had been renovated in stages, while the open shelving offers a practical, at-your-fingertips feel. (Houzz.com)Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen is also Practicalurban-farmhouse-5For a truly innovative farmhouse design, taking them out to the woodshed at first makes one’s head spin (a bit). However, “the project is conceptually inspired by the vernacular woodshed, a familiar and iconic element in the Vermont landscape.” And, while the look may be the very definition of rustic, there is no doubt that comfort and modern amenities were at the forefront of this design. (BirdseyeVT.com)Dual Woodshed Home Designurban-farmhouse-7urban-farmhouse-8Looking for interior design trends and tips? Get in touch with TD Fall today.

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Founded by Samuel Kravet and his four sons nearly 100 years ago (1918), Kravet, Inc. is an industry leader in the home furnishings and design trades. Now in its fifth generation as a family owned and operated business, they have also become one of the largest distributors of fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpeting, and accessories in the world.

Simply stated… Where Kravet goes, the industry follows. Here, we offer a glimpse of new collections for Fall 2016 from Kravet.

Ralph Lauren Home Fall 2016 Collection

Perhaps the most universally recognized name in the fashion industry, Ralph Lauren offers iconic designs for a discriminating clientele. Similarly, the Ralph Lauren Home is recognized as the first fashion designer to present an all-encompassing collection for the home, offering a distinctive vision and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship that enriches the places we live.

Hoxton - Translating the eclectic sensibility of East London’s artist lofts, Hoxton showcases a diverse mix of painterly florals, wool plaids and ticking stripes in a fresh palette of warm grey, cream, and sepia for a vintage-inspired collection grounded in a modern, bohemian spirit.New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Camel Book - Evoking the refinement of the iconic camelhair polo coat, a diverse mix of wool, cotton and linen celebrate the versatility of this classic neutral. From a rustic sophistication to a feminine elegance, camel adds a heritage touch to any home.

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Modern Chalet - A highlight of the Fall 2015 womenswear collection was a modern look at winter white. Texture and form become the focus in this Zen-like study of luxurious cream on cream. Touches of stone and taupe firmly ground the collection.

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Barbara Barry Fall 2016 Collection

Elegance, Barbara Barry’s new programmed rug collection for Kravet Carpet, is simply that. Three of her most popular Kravet Carpet designs – La Vie En Rose, Line Dance and Renku – balance tonal and textural elements for a subtly refined appeal. Each pattern is offered in three soft, natural colorways reminiscent of Barry’s signature simple yet sophisticated style.

La Vie En Rose - Colorways: Cypress, Moonglow & Oyster, 100% Wool

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Line Dance - Colorways: Buff, Hazel & Tea Leaf, Wool & Viscose

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Renku - Colorways: Cashew, Ink Brush & Spruce, 100% Wool

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Hand Tufted in India, Available in 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, custom size

Gastón y Daniela Fall 2016 Collection

Offered in the U.S. through Kravet, Gastón y Daniela is one of the most important fabric houses in the Spanish high-end textile industry. The collection includes an array of opulent textures, colors, and styles that combine to create cohesive sophisticated interiors.

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

Tierras - Inspired by different periods and places in the Spanish history, each motif in Gaston y Daniela’s Tierras collection is based on a blend of influences, though all of them have been designed to capture the geometric pattern and distinctive color scheme typical of Spanish tiles. The new collection features re-workings of historical elements taken from the decorative arts as well as inspiration from the 1960s pop art aesthetic.

New Collections from Kravet for Fall 2016

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Design Trends Fall 2016

Here, with a bit of help from HGTV.com, we offer a quick look at what’s hot – and what’s not – as design trends for the fall 2016 season.As is nearly always the case, a focus on colors and textures lead the way for design trends in the second half of this year, with low-maintenance yet often dramatic choices in both being important.Compelling Kitchen DesignsFor example, this stunning kitchen design offers all of the above in a comfortable but compelling space.Compelling Kitchen Designs"Clients want to have distinctive and beautiful spaces but don't necessarily want high-maintenance materials that they have to worry over constantly or be anxious about when guests visit. That has led to incorporating materials such as porcelain tile and slabs, as well as engineered quartz surfaces. I think the trend now is to create a livable luxury that is beautiful, inviting and resilient!" – Angelica Henry, Angelica Henry DesignCompelling Kitchen Designs"I'm seeing more texture in cabinetry, as opposed to just white or wood. Here, we have two combinations of lacquer and a subtle stripe in the lower cabinets. This combination creates softness and movement and makes the kitchen feel less industrial.” – Ana Donohue, Ana Donohue InteriorsDesign Trends Fall 2016"Don't go overboard, but mixing in a wood island countertop or butcher block outer cabinet adds an organic, warm feel to any space. Many times it's going to save you money versus a stone top." – Jordan Iverson, Iverson Signature HomesInnovation & Creativity in the Master BathWhile kitchens are often the focal point of a home, and therefore important to clients, more private spaces are also a great place to innovate and make an impression on the homeowner. With that in mind, master bathrooms and vanities are trending as targets for designers this fall.Design Trends Fall 2016"A trend we’re currently seeing when redesigning master bathrooms is a large steam shower instead of a shower or a bathtub. Like a bathtub, the steam shower provides a luxurious, spa-like retreat but takes up less square footage than a shower and a bathtub combined." – Cavin Costello, The Ranch MineDesign Trends Fall 2016In a large master suite bath, "Large-format tiles are a must on floors and walls in a bathroom. The larger it is, the grander the statement." – Paula Ables, Paula Ables InteriorsDesign Trends Fall 2016"We love art and its ever increasing influence on design, including textured art, photography and oversized graphics. This black-and-white print was actually the beginning point of this bathroom design." – Nancy Boland, Duet Design GroupLiving Spaces that Make a StatementWhile the focus of attention is often on smaller spaces, making them seem more elegant or grand, large living spaces may also demand your attention this season.Design Trends Fall 2016"Go for over scale dining room light fixtures. Lanterns, chandeliers – it doesn't matter. Groups of two or three, depending on the size, work best for full impact." – Nancy Boland, Duet Design GroupDesign Trends Fall 2016"There are some ideas that might be perceived as trendy, but we think are here to stay. Lucite is an example of a classic material that has made a recent resurgence in design. It's incredibly durable and functional and fits effortlessly into most schemes. We often use Lucite cocktail tables and seating. However, there are endless opportunities when it comes to this versatile material." – Claire Paquin, Clean Design PartnersDesign Trends Fall 2016"I'm noticing a shift from very simple details in a home to a growing appreciation for architectural details (more moldings, more traditional trim profiles, etc.) while still mixing in sleek, transitional furniture." – Lauren Coburn, Lauren Coburn LLCHave you seen any of these design trends in your market yet? Are you ready to incorporate them into your marketing strategy for the last quarter of 2016? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.Looking for more interior design marketing tips and design trends? Get in touch with TD Fall today.