Interior Design Tips: Use of Color in a Space

Are you aware that 60% of the color in a space comes from the walls and floors? Add the ceiling and you have 80% of the color in every room! That makes the room furnishings nothing but accessories – and the accessories are – nothing but trim to the accessories!While it can be argued, and often is, that the details are what make the room, you can never afford to take the Big Stuff for granted, such as…Wall ColorTypically, the color or colors used on the walls will set the stage for a room. Commonly, these colors are somewhat muted and softer tones, though not necessarily light or pale.  They will become the “anchor colors” for the room and the size of the room will dictate the depth of the color.alternating wall colors

  • If you are using darker colors, you can lighten the look with an area rug, window treatment or art for the walls.
  • The natural light coming through windows will always play a role in your color selection and must be carefully considered.
  • Alternating wall colors can create a wonderful effect in a room, opening a small space or limiting a larger, undefined area, perhaps.
  • As an alternative to painted walls, consider wallcoverings. There are some gorgeous patterns and textures that add a dimension to the room’s ambiance that you cannot achieve any other way. And, wallcoverings last longer than paint. Plus, today’s wallpaper ain’t your grandma’s wallpaper! If hung properly, it can easily be removed and, with the updated colors and patterns available, can truly add the “wow factor” to any room.

Flooring Condition and/or ColorsTake a good, hard look at the current condition of the floors in your targeted room and ask yourself these questions:

  • Even the highest quality hardwood floors become worn. Are they in need of refinishing or will a good buff and polish bring back the luster? Or, are they damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced? What will look best within the color scheme of the room, light or dark wood floors?
  • If there is carpeting, what is the condition? If it is close to 10 years old or more, it’s likely time to replace it. Carpet is a textile and as such, it was never designed to wear and last as long as hardwood flooring. Plus, if there has been an active family in the home, 10 years or more is a good benchmark for replacement.

Ceilings Can Add Accent or Drama to a RoomHey, come on, we all know ceilings are white, right? Well, not always. In fact, bold patterns and colors on ceilings have become a fairly strong trend recently. Here are a few options to consider, rather than the standard white ceiling:statement ceiling colors

  • If you’re working with a tray ceiling or an unusually high ceiling, other colors are often used to accent or create warmth. You may even see some black ceilings where the room is so large that a cozier effect is created by giving the illusion of a lower ceiling.
  • Check out restaurants or hotels for inspiration. You might be surprised at what you never noticed before.
  • And then there is the use of wallcoverings on the ceiling: a great effect.

Bold designs to floor and ceilings can create an atmosphere of luxury and solitude – or great drama.Looking for more new design trends, tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.