Hot Home Design Trends for 2015

Wallpaper is making a huge comeback this year!

According to, and Zillow Digs designer Jamie Beckwith of Beckwith Interiors, everything from digital prints to textured wall coverings have created a powerful trend toward the increased use of wallpaper for 2015. Thanks to this trend, interior designers should expect to see a rise in available color and texture selections in home stores to accommodate the increased demand for patterned or textured accent walls.

Graphic Wallpaper Design


Textured Wallpaper Designs


Hot Home Products for 2015

Especially useful for the city dweller who has little or no space for a garden, the Urban Cultivator is an incredibly appealing new feature you can offer. While not exactly an appliance in the strictest sense of the word, this little gem offers your city-bound clients the opportunity to enjoy freshly harvested organic greens and herbs, taken from their indoor garden just minutes before serving.cAbout the size of a dishwasher, the Urban Cultivator will not overwhelm the room, yet is a great conversation piece – as well as a wonderful tool for creating nutritious meals for anyone who lacks the space for an outside garden.What are the Hot Home Design Trends in your neck of the woods? Have you seen new wallpaper designs this year? Are there hot new appliances available in your market?