wallpaper designs 2016

Wallpaper is Making a Comeback

From CBS to the Boston Globe, and from Houzz.com to FineHomeBuilding.com, wallpaper is in the news. Why? Because wallpaper is making a comeback!

For more than 20 years now, wallpaper has largely been a thing of the past. With memories of garish designs and patterns from the 60s and 70s wreaking havoc on youthful memories, by the time Baby Boomers became old enough to own their own homes, hanging paper on their walls was frowned upon. Walls of old homes were stripped bare, while new homes received a quick paint job – and that was it.

Wallcovering Trends 2016

Today though, wallpaper is back in style. Reimagined for a modern eye and used with restraint, the latest wallcoverings lend personality and style without being overwhelming. “We all love paint, but sometimes you just need a little bit more. Wallpaper can add dimension, it can add a sparkle, and it creates a really warm, layered feeling,” says Dee Elms of Boston firm Terrat Elms Interior Design.

Wall coverings have once again come into vogue. Leading trends include murals, coverings with an aged elegance or gentle worn look, and especially textured looks. Others are pushing the design envelope, adding all sorts of tactile dimensions. In fact, some cutting edge wall coverings are made of anything but paper.wallpaper living room

Subtle organic details in this muted-tone print make for a soft look that won't overpower a room.

wallpaper family room

Here is an example of the many patterns that evoke an old architectural style without feeling dated.

wallpaper depth

Depth can be added through shading – no 3D printer required.

Wallpaper for the kids – and the folks, too!

wallpaper kids room

Innovative styling for the kid’s room, which may encourage them to get creative!

wallpaper office

A similar style works just as well for mom or dad.

The key to an up-to-date look using wallpaper is in the application. Encourage your clients to view it as an amazing piece of art or a gorgeous accessory. Plus, new formulations make wallpaper less permanent, relieving them of a “lifetime” commitment. Removable adhesive treatments are available in an ever-increasing range of wallpaper designs. How cool is that?

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