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Farmhouse Design Ideas

From retro design to “modern,” there is a strong trend toward farmhouse design ideas in homes across the country. The reasons for this trend are as varied as the personalities involved: from those seeking a more “homey” feeling that brings back memories of times gone by, to those who find the look “kitschy” and cool.

Whatever your client’s reasons may be, being able to offer a farmhouse feeling to them may make the difference in closing a sale for your design services.

From the exterior to the interior, the farmhouse feel of a home can make a powerful statement of what the owner values. Even location makes a statement. In other words, your client does not have to live in the country to enjoy the farmhouse look in their home. This home is an adaptation of a traditional farmhouse in their open, rural settings, place within the denser urban context of a small town.(RobertBaumann.com)

Urban Farmhouse Design Ideasurban-farmhouse-1urban-farmhouse-2

Of course, if your client does choose to live in the country, the look and feel of living in a farmhouse does not preclude the installation and use of modern amenities and contemporary design ideas. In fact, innovation may be the most important area of the design challenge you accept when your client is looking to live in a modern farmhouse. (DesignNW.com)

Modern Farmhouse Design Ideasurban-farmhouse-3urban-farmhouse-4It’s hard to argue with the results of this farmhouse kitchen look. The slate gray paint, alder cabinets, and stressed oak make this kitchen look as if it had been renovated in stages, while the open shelving offers a practical, at-your-fingertips feel. (Houzz.com)Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen is also Practicalurban-farmhouse-5For a truly innovative farmhouse design, taking them out to the woodshed at first makes one’s head spin (a bit). However, “the project is conceptually inspired by the vernacular woodshed, a familiar and iconic element in the Vermont landscape.” And, while the look may be the very definition of rustic, there is no doubt that comfort and modern amenities were at the forefront of this design. (BirdseyeVT.com)Dual Woodshed Home Designurban-farmhouse-7urban-farmhouse-8Looking for interior design trends and tips? Get in touch with TD Fall today.