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Interior Design Trends – Stylish Sustainable Design Solutions That Work

In a previous post we asked the question, Is sustainability a sustainable design choice? While we expressed some skepticism at the time, sustainable solutions remain a huge interior design trend. So, how can you approach this particular niche in your own market?

In a recent article at, editor at large Robyn Smith presents 19 brands that turn trash into treasure as proof that sustainable design is not only possible but, with a bit of creativity, can also be stylish.

As she enthusiastically assures us, “Upcycling isn’t just for Pinterest crafters anymore. We found 19 home brands that transform previously used materials – think tires, engine coils, fishing nets, and chalkboards – to construct new, beautiful objects for the home.”

Sustainable Home Furnishings

Is it really possible to create quality home furnishings from recycled trash?

Lovesac – Claiming to be builders of “The World’s Most Adaptable Couch™”, this modular Sactional sofa has upholstery that is made from recycled plastic bottles and cushions that are filled with shredded scrap foam from the sofa industry.



Ethnicraft – Specializing in “creating authentic, contemporary and timeless furniture from solid wood”, this piece offers shapes that adorn the Graphic sideboard’s doors that are composed of leftover wood scrap from the company’s factory, which would otherwise be too small for furniture.


Groundwork Home – Repurposed surfaces are standard fare for the Philadelphia-based custom furniture manufacturer, which counts old paving stones, school chalkboards, marble shower stall dividers, and factory machine bases among the materials it upcycles for its hand-crafted, hand-finished furniture.

Groundwork Home.jpg

Meso Goods – This “ethically crafted” furnishings brand uses organic Guatemalan wool sourced in Quetzaltenango for its area rugs, wall hangings, and furniture; it also recycles post-consumer bottles into glassware.

Meso Goods.jpg

Slash Objects – The line integrates the use of an industrial material made of post-consumer recycled rubber to create innovative objects and furniture. Here, recycled tire rubber and salvaged marble from across the U.S. are combined to create the Coexist standing mirror.

Slash Objects-sm.jpg

For a sharp interior designer, home furnishings from companies like these present an opportunity to integrate sustainable home furnishings into your projects for clients who are truly committed to finding sustainable interior design solutions.

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