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Trendy Design Trends That Are Trending in 2018

We just can’t help ourselves. Perhaps too often we spend hours every week perusing a variety of online sources for interior design trends, and predictions of new trends, for the upcoming seasons. While doing so can be illuminating, it can also be a bit more than frustrating – it sometimes seems that those who write about the design business are more interested in forcing a new trend into the marketplace than in simply reporting what is actually taking place.Having said that, we are beginning to notice at least slight agreement in a few areas for this year: Hallelujah!Have ceilings been so boring for so long that we’ve all agreed to finally take action and do something about them? Perhaps – perhaps not. What we do know is that more than one column on design trends have made the claim that making a bold statement with ceilings will be big in 2018.Bold Ceiling Designs are Hotbold ceiling designElledecor.comstatement ceilingsLAtimes.comWhile we’ve already predicted that purple will be popular this season, thanks to Pantone choosing it as the Color of the Year, plenty of scribes are predicting that shades of blue will continue to hold their own on the palettes used in home design. Not to be left out, other warmer colors will also remain in the up-to-date designer’s arsenal of color choices.Which Color Dominates the Design Market This Year?blue still popularHgtv.comwarm color paletteHousebeautiful.comKitchens always feature heavily in any discussion of interior design trends, as they should. Whether speculating about how space will be allocated in the most popular room in most homes, which types of appliances should be used, or the types of cabinets, flooring, and backsplash will work best to enhance the space – a good interior designer must always pay attention kitchens.Kitchens Are Central to Any Homelarge kitchen design      Hgtv.commodern kitchen designLAtimes.comfarmhouse kitchen designFreshome.comThe sharp designer understands that they need to make sure the kitchen is as important to their design plan as it is to the homeowner. Never take kitchen designs for granted.Looking for more new design trends, tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.