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How a Rug Choice Can Complete a Space

A recent article at, titled A Rug Can Pull a Room Together; Choose Wisely, caught our eye for its insight and approach to using a rug choice to complete a space.As an example of that insight, we have this statement, made by Melissa Lewis of LG Interiors in Chicago: “An area rug can make or break a room. It solidifies furniture layouts and adds a layer of depth and warmth that truly ties a space together.”And this, from Berlin-based designer Cäcilia Verweyen: “It’s a central design object in the room. Like a piece of art or a painting on the wall, it can change the whole atmosphere.”The Before or After Question“You should choose the rug either before decorating and base your furniture and window treatment selections around the colors of the rug or after to ensure the color dovetails perfectly with your furnishings. Never go rug shopping in the middle of the process.“Choosing the right sized rug for the space is key. You don’t want to overscale the rug so that it consumes the space. A rug that is too small always looks like a mistake.“Placement also has importance. In the living room, we like to center the rug; it creates a great base point for circulation and furnishings. In the bedroom, there is nothing better than stepping out of bed onto a luxurious rug, so it should be positioned underneath the bed but stop short of bedside tables to give the room some breathing space. In the dining room, the rug should be centered under the table and have enough space for the chairs to still sit on top of the rug when pulled out.” – Melissa Lewis of LG Interiors in Chicagorug location and textureTexture… Texture… Texture“You’ll want to consider different types of textures for different rooms. For the bedroom, opt for a long pile weave, which tends to be softer. Woven or very short piles are better for high-traffic areas since these are more durable options.“Multiple rugs can be used in one space as well. For example, in a master bedroom, you might opt for one rug under the bed and another in the sitting area. They can be different textures, colors, or even shapes.“If you have a pet, don’t choose a shaggy or long pile rug, since these are difficult to clean. A woven, Berber, or cord pile rug is best for cleaning up mistakes.” —  Los Angeles-based designer Elisabeth Fogartyroom tone sets rug styleTone Determines Style“The rug anchors the furniture and defines the style. Fall in love with your carpet first and decorate around it. Sofas can always be reupholstered, throw pillows can be updated, but the carpet is a big commitment that may be passed down for generations.“Don’t be afraid of patterns. The carpet is one of the pieces in your home where you can be exceptionally eccentric, ornate, or playful. Somehow, a wildly patterned rug reads much more subdued when it is on the floor. So, be bold. It’s less risky than it may seem.“The shape depends on what space in the room you are looking to define and how you want to define it. Demarcating a round area creates an intimate, modern look that is great in some rooms, but doesn’t make much sense in others.” -Aelfie Oudghiri, founder and creative director of AELFIE rugsLooking for more new design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall.