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Quick and Easy Home Design Tips: How to Bring Summer Inside

From time to time, an interior design job requires subtle touches that may not come to mind immediately. For a client who loves the outdoors but lives downtown, or who loves the beach but lives in the middle of the country, you can bring summer inside with these quick and easy home design tips.Often, the smallest change can alter the feel of a space significantly. These tips will help you set up a client’s home in ways that make it feel spa-like and outdoorsy.

Imagination Brings a Trip to the Coast Inside

For client who miss life on the coast, a strategic use of decorative sea shells as an accent can bring the coast to them. (AcanthusAndAcorn.com)sea shell accent piecesIf you're looking for more than just an accent, sea shells and a rustic shelf, along with a few other items, can alter the entire feel of a room. Is this what vacation looked like when they were children? (CompletelyCoastal.com)sea shell accents

Wood Bath Mats Add Luxury and Reduce Humidity

It’s easy to add a touch of luxury to the bath, along with an outside feel, using wooden bath mats. Hard woods like ash, or Aromatic Japanese hinoki wood, are naturally resistant to humidity and have some antibacterial properties. They will help to reduce the feeling of dampness and the potential for bacterial growth that is present in a thick cloth mat. (Crate & Barrel, dog not included)wood bath mat

Beach Accessories in the Home Tell the Story

Hanging beach towels in the bath may be the quickest, easiest way to bring summer inside. For anyone who’s slow to grasp the concept, these towels tell the story loud and clear! (MyHomeIdeas.com)beach towels in bathroom

Outdoor Showers Bring the Beach Home

Last but not least, if you can’t bring summer inside, set up an outside shower, enabling your clients to feel like they’re living at the beach. An outdoor shower near the pool makes sense anyway but, for those who want to feel closer to the beach, this is a great way to get them there. (CoastalLiving.com)outdoor shower near poolYou can take it a step further by adding beach themed accessories…outdoor shower with beach accentsOr a nautical theme.outdoor shower nautical themeDo you have other ideas to make a home feel “summery”? Share your summer home design tips in the comments section below.Looking for more new design trends, tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.