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3 Interior Design Tips - Planning for Next Year

As we head into the last quarter of 2017, it’s time to begin planning for next year. Say what? Yeah, the year’s not over yet and it’s time to plan for 2018? Well, only if you want to be successful!

And, that’s one of the tips that we’d like to offer: setting goals and developing strategies to achieve them for next year cannot begin too soon. In a recent HuffPost article, author Ira Kalb offers some great advice on how to create a viable marketing plan for the new year – and successive years.

  • Goal setting – The goals you set for your business must be measurable and challenging. Measurable goals give everyone a common target, while challenging goals keep people interested, help to avoid boredom, and motivate your team to reach their potential. While you don’t want to overreach, you also don’t want to lower expectations. Set a realistic goal based on experience, then add a few percentage points so of growth to keep the adrenalin flowing.
  • Marketing strategy – From branding to promotion and from pricing to information systems, your marketing strategy encompasses all aspects of your business. Having measurable goals means you must be able to accurately measure them, after all. Keeping your name top-of-mind in the marketplace, while differentiating yourself from the competition enhances your brand. Knowing what the market will bear in pricing will enable you to protect your profits. Stay on top of these things and you’ll have a banner year in 2018.

Color Trends for 2018

With each new year we see changing color trends. At times, these trends can be quite stark, while at other times we see more subtle changes in the color palette. For next year, shades of green and blue lead the way, while black, pink, and metallics are being used to make statements. (Not in the same rooms, hopefully!)

According to Elle Décor, These Are the Colors Everyone Will Be Talking About In 2018.

black a statement color

Black as a “statement color”.

Pink as a power color

Pink as a “power color”

Metallics as neutrals

Metallics as “neutrals”

Design Styles by Age

While we shudder at the thought of being labeled “ageist”, we also must recognize market trends when they speak to us. besides, we’re not claiming that age is a defining factor n interior design trends, is making that claim.

In a recent article titled, “The Top Interior Design Styles Based on Age”, they state that we should “Add decor to the long list of things millennials and baby boomers disagree on.”

And, it actually makes little sense that millennials would seek out “refined rustic” interiors as baby boomers do; or those baby boomers would become fixated on modern, minimal mid-century design, called "mod visionary", as their grandchildren do.

While nothing is ever written in stone about such trends, the article is certainly illuminating.

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