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Interior Design Tips: Must-Have Kitchen Features

There are many features in a home that are critical to the comfort of the entire family. Comfortable furniture and bedding, a large master suite along with bedrooms that easily accommodate children, and an overall feeling of being home. With that said, however, there may be nothing more important than the elements and idiosyncrasies of the kitchen – the most popular room in the house for most families.Of course, the size of the kitchen, the appliance brands, and functions, lighting and windows are all big deals for every homeowner. We’ve shared some thoughts on those big-ticket items before but, in this post, we hope to share some ideas that will make your efforts feel a bit more personalized to your potential clients; improving your chances of closing a deal.Small Kitchen Changes that Make Can a Big DifferenceAdequate storage is always an issue for homeowners (and not just in the garage!). Innovative storage designs that focus on organization and ease-of-access will have your clients eagerly accepting your kitchen designs. Pantries are especially problematic for many homeowners so, finding ways to organize this critical area can be a huge bonus for you.Offer Better Kitchen Storage, by Whatever Meansslide out pantrypantry organizerA hot new trend in kitchen storage is hiding away the appliances that are used most often – while keeping them accessible to the entire family. Sometimes referred to as an “appliance garage”, the family’s most used appliances are always plugged in and ready to go without cluttering the countertop.Hidden Appliances are a Huge Kitchen Must-Haveappliance garageWhile single sinks have become popular recently, that trend is beginning to wane. Not only are double bowl sinks making a comeback, but prep sinks are also becoming increasingly popular. Adding features to kitchen islands, such as wine coolers and/or other storage, will also go a long way toward making your efforts feel personalized to the client’s needs.Don’t Sink Your Kitchen Design with a Singledouble bowl sinkPrep Sink in Kitchen Islandprep sinkMulti-Use Kitchen Islandversatile kitchen islandDesigning the dream kitchen for others is always a challenge but, by keeping an eye on what’s possible, you can offer something unique to even the most discriminating clients.Looking for more new design trends, tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.