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One Thing Interior Designers Agree On - To Disagree!

If there is one thing interior designers agree on, it’s this: they agree to disagree.

The hot color for this season is blue and all its shades, right? Then again, Pantone's Greenery was recently named the color of the year for 2017, with plenty of the top designers in the country adding it to their palate. In fact, about the only thing designers can agree on when it comes to color is that it can make or break the space in which it’s used!Are you a fan of blue as the hot color this year?shades of blue hot colorOr, are you going for the green as your favorite color?green hot color 2017Bare Floors or Rugs: Which is best?Perhaps even more contentious among designers is the classic issue of bare floors versus rugs; which may never be resolved to the satisfaction of everyone – or anyone, for that matter.Rugs are a great and relatively easy way to add warmth to a room, which is why they are so popular. They are also easily replaced, which is another feature that appeals, since changing the feel of an entire space can be accomplished by simply tossing something new and beautiful on the floor. And yet, rugs can be maintenance heavy items, requiring vacuuming of shedding layers of wool, pet hair they can capture, or even cleaning stains from spills by the kids (or that unruly guest who consumed too much wine).Potentially one of the most transformative elements in a room, a strategically placed collection of rugs in a home can make all the difference in the world: accenting, featuring, joining or separating spaces as needed.rugs make the roomThen again, there are some rooms, and some floors, that cry out to be left bare. For example, covering the exquisite pattern in the image below could be thought of as a crime by some. Then too, rugs in a dining area can attract all sorts of accidents left behind following a dinner party. This floor is not only gorgeous, it’s easier to clean and maintain than a rug might be.bare floors or rugsAs with so many things, when it comes to designing a comfortable, attractive living space, there will be many disagreements on exactly what comfortable and attractive mean. The sharp interior designers agree with the client more often than not, helping to guide them yet accepting that the space belongs to them, and so must meet their needs above all else.Looking for more new design trends, tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.