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How to Sell More High-End Upholstered Furniture

Kravet upholstered furnitureWhile upholstered furniture sales will likely generate the biggest tickets and highest revenues for your interior design business, they may not come easily. Simply presenting your offerings as “The Best” will often create a question in your client’s mind – “The best, as compared to what?” Do you have an answer for this?

Home fashion has become a rapidly shifting target, with statements ranging from traditional to transitional to contemporary. This takes place not just from client to client and from home to home, but even from room to room within the same home! Staying current with these shifting home fashion trends is a challenge that all of us must face. With the right approach, these shifting design trends can be dealt with effectively.

Descriptive Language is the Key to Luxury Furniture Sales

Capturing the imagination of your clients – and reinforcing their choices and tastes – is the key to growing your luxury furniture sales. Using descriptive language to distinguish your offerings will go a long way toward helping your clients realize that you have their best interests at heart:

  1. “Subtle, labor intensive decorative details include hand-sewn welting, double top-stitched seams, and pleating.”
  2. “Our bespoke furniture includes 8-way hand-tied and handset coil springs, as well as sustainable materials and components.”
  3. “Tailored from traditional materials to create a sumptuous yet modern (or contemporary) mood that speaks volumes.”

While it goes without saying that you can rarely make an overt appeal, it is also often necessary, and effective, to subtly appeal to your client’s ego; their sense of self-importance and discernment. This can often be done by engaging them in conversations that include more sensuous language, such as stylish presentations, opulence, custom tailoring, sumptuousness, gratification, curvaceous upholstery, lavish covers, artisanship, craftsmanship, bench-built, and hand-crafted.

Understanding your client’s needs, and speaking to those needs in terms that elicit an emotional response, will allow you to close more high-end upholstered furniture sales – and satisfy your client completely and repeatedly.