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Interior Design Trends: Downsizing is a Thing

Did you know downsizing is a thing?tiny homeIf you’ve been paying even modest attention to social media lately, you're sure to have noticed the trend in “tiny homes” as a way to battle the high cost of buying a house. But, even for homeowners who do not choose to live within less than 500 square feet of space, simplifying their lives by getting rid of excess “stuff” has become something of a trend.According to the website, there are at least eight things we can all pretty much do without. Memorabilia, T-shirts (and other clothes you don’t wear), CDs and DVDs (right?), books, sporting equipment, bags and baggage, kitchen gadgets, “things that are neither useful nor beautiful.” (OK, we all have some of THAT around.)Downsizing for DesignersSo, what does this trend mean for an interior designer?If you have a client who is thinking of downsizing as part of their remodeling plans, you’ll need to be on top of this trend with solutions to offer. To help you understand their needs, begin with a few essential questions:

  • Why do you want to downsize?
  • What do you hope to accomplish by downsizing?
  • What is your vision for your downsized home? (What does it look like?)

Of course, what you’re trying to discover is whether they want to live in a smaller space or do they merely want to reduce clutter, simplify their home, and their life.These are very different goals: that is, living in a 200-300 square foot home versus a clutter-free 1500-2500 square foot home requires an entirely different mindset; not to mention a much different interior design plan. (No kidding!)Here are additional questions you can ask to help your clients decide the extent of their downsizing plans, which will also help you to determine if you even want to contract:

  • Where do you want to relocate? Some downsizers like to stay in their local area while others prefer to move to a different location to be closer to family, friends, warmer weather, etc.
  • What type of housing do you prefer? A small home? A condo? A gated community? A retirement community for 55 and older?
  • What size home do you need? List how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms you need and be specific.
  • Do you have any special requirements for your new community? Consider amenities you may want within walking distance such as a health care center, eating options, activities, and entertainment, pool, spa, fitness center.
  • What is your budget for your new home? What investment are you prepared to make? Are you going to purchase or rent?

You may decide that, based on the answers to these questions, the job is not for you and – that’s OK. Some jobs just aren’t worth the hassle.Are you looking for more new design trends, tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.