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The ONE Question Your Interior Design Website MUST Answer

It occurred to me while running through this popular slideshow recently (popular in that it has more than 110,000 views), 6 Things Your Interior Design Website Needs, that there was one thing that was, somewhat glaringly, ignored.

What was it? It was the ONE question your interior design website must answer; regardless of design and theme; regardless of how beautiful it is; regardless of what you paid for it. The one question you must answer is…

“What’s in it for me?”

Marketing to your target audience

Knowing what your target audience wants and needs, then marketing to those wants and needs, will be the key to success – of your website AND your design business.

To answer this question for prospective client, you must provide solutions to problems. These problems are either described by your client or by you, the designer, asking the right questions, and using that information to develop a plan that will offer solutions to your client’s problems.

The average client really doesn’t care whether the 8-way, hand-tied springs in the furniture you recommend will give them years of carefree service and support. Instead, they do care that the sofa that they are about to spend $10,000 (or more) on will solve the aching hip problem they have from the current one they own, and that they will continue to feel comfortable while using it for years to come.

So, how do you focus your own attention, much less that of visitors to your website?

  • Address Pain Points – What do your clients regularly struggle to overcome? How can you help them overcome the challenge? Believe it or not, if you take some time to consider this question in depth, you’ll begin to discover trends among the people who’ve hired you in the past, as well as among those who’ve recommended you to others. Once you identify these trends, create website copy that illustrates how well you understand the problems, and let them know you have the solutions.
  • Stress Solutions Over Features – Solutions to problems are benefits to your clients. While they may find it interesting to know that the draperies you recommend for their living room are hand-woven in Italy, they’ll be even more impressed to know that their dilemma – that of finding a unique pattern and hand, something none of their neighbors will have – will be resolved for them, for example. Use these solutions to resolve their pain points for them, and you will make the sale.
  • Build Value – The cost of your interior design services will mean little to the client who benefits from having their challenges met, their pain points resolved, and the benefits of hiring you clearly explained. Once they understand the value of all you have to offer, the decision to buy becomes emotional – and irresistible.

There are times when even the most experienced business person needs to be reminded of the “obvious”, which is why this post was written – as a reminder that focusing on the needs of your target audience is critical – and can best be accomplished by remembering the one question your interior design website must answer is, “What’s in it for me?”