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Interior Design Tips & Marketing News and HeadlinesThe diversity of information available today is remarkable, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the number of sources from which valuable information can be culled tends to overwhelm and can be quite frustrating. In an effort to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, we offer these interior design tips and marketing news and headlines, some from sources you may never have imagined could provide you with valuable information.Has Your Interior Design Business “Gone Green”?Some designers jumped on the “green” design trend early, some much later. Some have yet to make the move at all. Reasons for this vary, among them that there is little hard data to suggest that investing in green design offers a significant return on investment.In the next few years though, we should begin to see some definitive or at least indicative, data upon which to base the decision to promote green buildings and green design.According to an article at, a new study at Harvard University has been designed to answer the question, “How Do Green Buildings Impact Thinking, Health, Sleep?” To get the answer, the researchers are recruiting 100 office buildings around the world to discover the impact of green buildings on health and productivity.Though three years may seem a long time to wait for the results, this is the projected length of the study, optimism is high that the research team will be able to assess employee cognitive function performance, a key indicator of productivity, by using a proven, standardized app-based process. Stay tuned for more…Why Americans Don’t Move HouseIn a recent blog post here, we shared optimistic news about the home renovation sector of the design market, where growth has been consistent this year and is expected to remain strong next year. Could one reason for this bump in home renovations be that some 89% of Americans refuse to move, despite an increasingly strong economy and increased household equity?In an eye-opening article at, we are educated to the fact that the share of people moving house has been steadily declining, even as economic recovery and job growth strength trace back almost five years.Based on the Census' Current Population Survey, “The absolute number of movers has hovered at an average of around the 35 million mark for 10 years now, spiking up to 37 million or so only a couple of times since the Great Recession. Before 2007, the average was up around 40 million.”The fact that American mobility is falling as a percentage of a growing population is eye-opening indeed, for those of us who’ve always thought of the US as a somewhat transient society.The numbers tell a different story and, for the sharp interior designer, knowing the settled nature of homeowners in your marketplace will go a long way toward helping you plan your marketing strategy.Looking for more new design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.