Interior Design Trends – New Collection from Lee Jofa & Kravet

In her fourth collection with Groundworks at Lee Jofa, Kelly Wearstler addresses the latest interior design trends by presenting dynamic and illusionistic elements in a new collection of fabrics, leathers, wallcoverings, and trimmings.Geometric patterns stand out and seamlessly blend in this collection with the use of bold and subdued color. COVET piques interest with its angular nature and seemingly time-worn texture. The hard angles of a faceted gemstone are softened by the washed look of this linen-cotton blend digital print.interior design trendsPOST VELVET is another example of this range, featuring an overscale, graphic wood print that highlights an organic yet graphic element within the bold and neutral color stories.Lee Jofa fabric designsExceptional quality is at the forefront of so many patterns in this collection. PASTICHE features a maze-like embroidery that offers a soft structure to its textural fabricsCHANNELS, one of Kelly’s most adored patterns, is back with more versatile colorways, including darker shades, pushing the abstract and graphic boundaries of this bold pattern. It’s also offered as a stunning fabric designsNew Lee Jofa Wallcoverings from KravetYet, RAPTURE PAPER is also available on silk and paper, offering a dynamic option for a more elevated and luxurious statement.Rapture PaperWe ’re not done yet though: RARITY PAPER coordinates with its fabric counterpart, offered in a wide range of color from soft warm neutrals to blush, jade and bold blues.Rarity Paper - Blush/IvoryFinally, one of this collection’s most exciting introductions is the new fashionable tassel fringe trimming. FELIX FRINGE is inspired by chunky constructions on textural grounds and successfully makes this vintage aesthetic feel contemporary.Felix FringeThis new collection from Kelly Wearstler offers an unexpected visual dialogue, enhanced by a graphic structure in patterns and nature using two and three-dimensional art, in an ever-evolving but always current color palette. Geometric and dynamic patterns stand out and seamlessly blend in this collection with the use of bold and subdued color.Looking for more new interior design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.