Interior Design Trends for 2019 – Rooms Designs, Fabrics & Furnishings

While may not be the first go-to source for many designers, they definitely have their fingers on the pulse of interior design-inclined homeowners. With that in mind, it never hurts to take a look at interior design trends among consumers, since they are also your potential clients.2019 Design Trends from HGTVAlthough a maximalist design trend is in full swing coming into the new year, white wall paint will also be prevalent. Designers say they’re moving toward softer, warmer whites (such as dove gray) and away from the previously popular cold design trends 2019Among the most intriguing trends for 2019 is the use of high definition printing, which allows manufacturers to create porcelain tile that looks almost exactly like stone. Install it on walls, floors or countertops – the options are limited only by your imagination. large format porcelain tileThis trend is popping up in bathrooms across the country and designers expect to see even more of it in 2019. Exposed shower plumbing pairs well with subway tile or minimalist bathroom decor.bathroom design trendsWoods and elegant fabrics have been a stunning combination for centuries and will continue to be popular in the new year. Bare and finished woods, surrounded by plush furnishings, present an opportunity to combine simplicity with style; a rare feat in most designs that can lead to stunning results.dining room trends2019 New Arrivals from KravetWhile the trend toward white wall paint is undeniable (see our post on Color of the Year: Benjamin Moore, for example), there is also a strong trend toward using wallcoverings. Needless to say, Kravet is leading the way with a variety of coverings that offer many shades of white.Kravet color of the year Kravet wallcoverings Kravet colorsFabrics will also feature prominently in 2019 and, as always, Kravet designers have put together an array of looks, feels, and patterns that offer the opportunity to match any theme you can conceive.Kravet new arrivals 2019 Kravet fabrics fabric trends 2019Of course, no room design is complete without furnishings that match the theme. Once again, Kravet has come through with a stunning assortment of variations from which to choose. From elegant furnishings to lovely accent pieces, many of the new arrivals from Kravet will make interior design a pleasure in 2019.Kravet furnishingsKravet upholstered furniture Kravet accent piecesLooking for more interior design trends for 2019, online marketing tips, and design product ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.