Colors and Accents – When Just a Splash is Enough

White remains the most popular color for rooms in most homes, mainly because they are versatile and “feel” clean (even when they’re not!). White rooms might create a modern sophisticated feeling of serenity, or make a fun artistic impact on the energy of a space when you add a splash of color.If your goal is to avoid overwhelming a space with too much color, the use of colorful accents may be exactly what you, and your client, are looking for.The examples below may begin with a pure white canvas but, with the judicious and intriguing use of colorful textiles and accessories, these clean and simple styles are accented to create gorgeous central focal points within the spaces.Pencil in some colorWhether a home office, child’s playroom or an artist’s studio, the way these colored pencils are used to add color to this space is far more than just creative – it is inspired!Colors and Accents – When Just a Splash is Enough 2Clever accents for a white bedroomAdding color to this white bedroom, along with enhanced spacial definition and character, could not be simpler, with the addition of a colorful Mexican weave blanket. ( and Accents – When Just a Splash is Enough 3Off-targeted, focused accentsOff-center yet still a clear focal point, this splash of yellow at the window in this room helps to balance the other colorful accent pieces in the room.Colors and Accents – When Just a Splash is Enough 4Good morning rainbows in the kitchenIt’s hard to argue with the colorful kaleidoscope that have been added to enhance this otherwise simple kitchen space.Colors and Accents – When Just a Splash is Enough 5While many clients will ask you to add color to their spaces, and their lives, many will also fear overshooting the mark. This is when a splash of colors and accents is just enough to keep them happy.