New from Kravet – Fabric Collections from Brunschwig & Fils

Fabric collections may be the very foundation of interior design. Because fabrics and finishes play such an important role in any good interior design project and decoration, they are one of the most fundamental elements a designer can use to achieve a specific presence and style within a particular space; whether a home or office.A savvy designer works hard to find fabrics that define the character of the space in which they’re working. Yet, accomplishing this is can be difficult, because both colors and textures must be combined in ways that ensure that the result will be simply stellar.With the introduction of three new fabric collections from Brunschwig & Fils, your job as an interior designer has just become much easier – with fabrics that convey more than character and variety, they also reflect sophistication, culture, and taste.Below, we present three stunning new fabric collections from the world-renowned weavers at Brunschwig & Fils.Cevennes Fabric Collection from Brunschwig & FilsNew from B&F comes Cevennes. Named for a cultural region and range of mountains in south-central France, these are a collection of beautiful fabrics that offer a “Sophisticated Escape” – from the everyday. The sheer variety and stunning presentation of this collection make these new fabrics impossible to fabrics Brunschwig & FilsAlsace Weaves Fabrics Collection from Brunschwig & FilsAlsace Weaves by B&F is a stunning collection of fabrics that reflect the mix of cultures found in its namesake region, bordering as it does Germany and Switzerland along the Rhine River. With a new take on old-world European designs, these lush fabrics present an original perspective on a traditional palette.Alsace weave fabricsNormant Checks & Stripes Fabric Collection from Brunschwig & FilsThe Normant Checks and Stripes fabrics collection from B&F puts a new face on a traditional look. Refined yet sophisticated, the range of colors and textures, from muted to bold and from crisp to bulky, present interior designers with the opportunity to satisfy the palette of any homeowner or office manager.Normant checks & stripesLooking for more new home furnishings and fabric collections, the latest interior design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.