Curated Kravet – Stunning e-Commerce Resource for Interior Designers

While it is certainly nice to be able to see and feel the high-end furnishings, fabrics, and wallcoverings you may be considering for your design clients, Kravet offers an unmatched online shopping experience for the busy interior designer. Curated Kravet offers everything from room accents to lighting and from ready-to-ship furnishings to hand-picked holiday now serves as an easy-to-use, one-stop shop for savvy designers to search for, browse, and purchase products in a variety of ways, all presented in curated spaces.“We really tried to listen to what our customers – interior designers – were looking for in the market, so we created a to-the-trade-only website of curated, shoppable rooms, and new categories of finished products like mirrors, wall art, bedding, lighting, and accessories,” said company president Cary Kravet. ( on Curated Kravet can be perused three ways: by category (say, lamps, sofas, or upholstery), by trend, by season, or by curated room.Curated Room Designs from KravetThe way in which curated room designs are presented at Curated Kravet is stunningly simple and absolutely practical. First, images of the room design are offered, followed by images of each item available for you to create a similar space for your own client if you choose to do so. Of course, you are not required to purchase every piece as a collection, no matter how much sense doing so might make; rather, you can pick and choose from the furnishings, lighting, accent pieces, or bedding sets presented.For example, Beachside Beauty, curated by California-based designer Jeffrey Alan Marks, provides you with an opportunity to create relaxed and sophisticated interiors for your design clients.curated room designscurated furnishings beachside beauty designsOn the other hand, if you're searching for a more glamorous presentation, the room curated by Dallas-based designer Jan showers, appropriately named Pretty Glamorous may be more what you are looking fabric designsglamourous room designsKravet furnishingsonline shopping for designersWith nearly three dozen curated room design offerings available to choose from, Curated Kravet offers something for everyone – interior designer and design client alike.Timeless and Well-Traveled, curated by Nate Berkuscurated KravetNatural Neutrals, curated by Joni Vanderslicedesigner marketing trendsTo learn more about Curated Kravet, and to view the selections available by category, click on the links below:Hand-Picked for the HolidaysReady to Ship FurnitureLight Up the HolidaysAccent Furniture FastCrafted and Curated WicklewoodQuick SolutionsPerhaps the greatest feature offered by Curated Kravet is convenience, combined with ease of shopping. Simply focus on using the site’s filters to find in stock product for everything from a completely curated room design to those last minute finishing touches that every interior design project seems to need.Looking for more new interior design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.