Winter Design Trends 2016 & 2017

From cozy and traditional to open and masculine, winter design trends this season, and heading into 2017, are as individual and diverse as are peoples’ personalities and locations. While this is not exactly surprising, it can certainly make your job as an interior designer more difficult.The good news is that, if you can take a step back and look at the larger picture, seasonal trends to tend to follow some sort of pattern, making them at least a bit more predictable, as well as more functional and practical. This can make following those trends far less challenging for the designer who is watching the marketplace closely.Winter is the Season to Get Cozy

Whether you follow or, “cozy” is definitely an “in thing” this winter. Of course, how get there varies greatly and, perhaps, should. After all, not two clients are alike, and neither are their living spaces.

While the room in this image may seem more cluttered than cozy to some, a closer examination reveals that every piece had a place and a purpose, allowing the room to feel intimate without being muddled or chaotic.

cozy room design for winter

On the other hand, the cozy feeling in this space is enhanced by textures and, with the increasing popularity of flannel, cashmere, wool, and cotton being used as upholstery, throws or quilts as accents, along with knitted accessories, there is an obvious warmth to this space that may not have existed before.

cozy textures for winter

There are several ways to make a room feel warmer and, without a doubt, creating that feeling with wood is one of the best ways to do so.

wood interiors winter 2016Expanding the “Man Cave”

Then again, the use of wood in a living space is a sure way to be consistent with another design trend this winter, creating a more masculine interior for those who wish it. For this extrapolation of the “man cave” to a living area, dark, moody, masculine interiors are the countertrend to all-white interiors, which are also increasingly popular this winter. (

masculine interior design for winter

Clean and uncluttered rather than stark and austere, the all-white interior is making a comeback this winter. And yes, growing desire for spirituality, peace, and tranquility in contemporary culture is the driver for all-white spaces and color schemes.

all white spaces for winter 2017

And, simply because it exists, this unique, and uniquely powerful and beautiful, treatment of a fireplace absolutely must be shared – as possible inspiration – and in pure appreciation.

beautiful fireplace design winter

Which of these trends have you seen in your market? Are there others that have made an impression on you? Share your thoughts and insights with us below.

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