Use Bold Colors to Make Bold Statements

Fearless and daring; clear and distinct; even excessively forward; these are all definitions of the word “Bold”. For clients who are looking for “something different”, yet have not been able to articulate that idea for you, taking a daring (and perhaps brash) approach to the use of color may be the simplest – and best – choice you can make for them.Then again, trying to be bold on a budget can also argue for the use of color to make the statement, rather than asking your client for a heavy investment in fabrics, rugs, or furniture. We all must live in the real world after all, where the client who tells us that “Money is no object,” is rare indeed. With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at using bold colors to make bold statements.In an effort to avoid clashing images, the focus here is on the use of blue, but you can of course use a variety of colors to make the statement you believe your client would like to see.As an example of the bold use of color, this image from the Interior Design Blog makes a truly bold statement in a living room yet, despite the courageous use of color here, the room remains comfortable and eminently livable. The blue wall does not overwhelm, but rather provides a somewhat audacious impression, while highlighting and blending beautifully with the variety of pieces in the room.1

Using bold colors as accents

Of course, not all clients are willing to be as bold as you may think they should be, or as they implied they could be. In that case, using bold colors to accent select features of a room may be your best course. A truly unique look, as seen in the image of the freestanding bathtub below, borrowed from the Brilliant Asylum blog, can be enhanced by the use of bold colors. The portholes in the tub are not a bad touch either.2And yet, if a statement like this is not possible for some reason, the creative and judicious use of color as background can add depth and daring to the simplest areas of a room, as shown in the bookcase of a child’s bedroom below, from HGTV.3As you can see, making a bold statement with colors does not have to lead to overpowering or outrageous looks in your client’s home. While being daring can be great fun, and some of your clients may seek that from you, it is possible to be audacious – without being impertinent or presumptuous.Did this blog post help you to be more creative in your use of colors? Have you used colors to make bold statements for your clients? How has that worked for you in the past, and how do you hope to use bold colors to make bold statements in the future?