The Financial Side of Your Design Business - Part 2

The Financial Side of Your Design Business - Part 2

Now that you’ve managed to put your personal money demons to rest, it’s time to work on the beliefs that are limiting the financial side of your design business success. What does this mean? It means successful entrepreneurs do not allow fear to hold them back simply because it means stepping out of their comfort zone.

Or because they fear success. For some, having grown up in an environment that implanted and reinforced the belief that they had little value, they continue to believe that they do not DESERVE to be successful. That is just another limiting belief that was implanted by others – and – you need to drop that right now! You do deserve success, and you're about to learn how you can earn it!

We’ll take it as a given that you don’t do what you do just for the money. (No one in the interior design business is quite THAT delusional!) But, just because your goal is to help others live and work in beautiful spaces doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to be successful.

Does any of the following sound like you?

  • You hate telling potential clients what your rates are.
  • You avoid having an honest conversation with someone about money.
  • You keep LOWERING your rates, thinking that will bring you more clients.

How’s all that working for you? Still struggling to pay the mortgage, despite working 60 hours a week? Still wishing you could afford to take a vacation occasionally? Still struggling to understand why what you do is WORTH more than you're asking for?

4 Steps to Financial Health

Here is a strategic approach to helping you overcome your money fears and help you get paid what you're worth; using a very simple 4-part exercise that could transform your income potential, and set you on the path to FINALLY creating the wealth you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Courage – First, let’s address courage by having you complete this sentence, “I have the courage to _____.” It might be the courage to raise your rates as one example.
  2. Boundaries – Second, address boundaries by completing this sentence, “The boundary I will put into place is _____.” Using the example from courage, that you will raise your rates, then the boundary you will put into place might be something like, “The boundary I will put into place is to tell all potential new clients my new rates.”
  3. Action – Next, we want to move you into action, so the next is your activity. Complete this next sentence “The action I will take is _____ by _____ (date).” Our example here could be, “The action I will take is to put my new rates on my website by next Thursday.”
  4. Gift – Finally, complete the sentence “The gift in this is _____.” And, using our example, this might be, “The gift in this is by feeling empowered,” or, “I make a difference in the lives of others who need me,” or… well, something positive, as you can see.

There is real power in this last step, which is to look at the gift you give yourself by taking these empowering steps toward financial freedom. This simple exercise can help you claim your money power, which, particularly for entrepreneurs, is the first step in creating wealth!

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