Spring Design Trends for Outdoor Living

Spring Design Trends for Outdoor LivingSpring has sprung and, though it may not seem like it in certain parts of the country, it’s time for all designers to begin thinking of what their clients might enjoy when outdoors. Beyond landscaping changes, this year is seeing some interesting spring design trends for the deck, patio, and backyards.

The latest trends in landscaping reflect the desire to bring the indoors outside; to create comfortable outdoor environments that are as functional as they are beautiful. There’s also a shift toward sustainable landscapes that reflect a renewed sense of mindfulness for the Earth and its ecosystems.

It’s important to remember that the backyard is a very private space for most homeowners, yet one which they also enjoy sharing with others. This can make the design of outdoor spaces particularly challenging as they must meet the needs of the client comfort, while also making something of a statement to their guests.

Backyard Design Trends for Spring 2017

Spring Design Trends for Outdoor LivingWith these things in mind, we offer a peek at what you may see enthusiasts of backyard living adopting this year:

Bespoke outdoor living – A fully customized yet livable space outdoors offers multiple opportunities for creativity and innovation from the designer. As more homeowners take entertaining outside the home, many year ‘round, landscapes have become extensions of interior spaces, including the furniture and appliances.

Themed spaces, fire pits, brick ovens and grills, sitting areas with multiple levels, dining areas, fireplaces and fire pits, romantic bedroom areas, yoga gardens, sports areas, and even full kitchens are taking backyard entertaining to a level well beyond simple patios and decks, turning the contemporary backyard into a retreat from the everyday world.

Softer, more calming colors – With nature as inspiration, soothing pink and blue hues will be seen in backyards across the country this spring. In everything from plant life to furniture, from heritage rose bushes, Catherine Woodbury daylilies, Angelique tulips, blue lace delphinium, French hydrangea to sofas, settees, and throw pillows, the colors and shades of outdoor living will reflect a sense of caring for the planet.

Spring Design Trends for Outdoor LivingHigh-tech moves outside – As a natural extension of taking indoor living outdoors, today’s most popular technologies will certainly follow, backyard Wi-Fi and TV installations leading the way. Further, creative and functional lighting, with dramatic and boldly colored lights, twinkling accent lighting in walkways, and low wattage LED lighting solutions will be important to the conscious homeowner who chooses to spend more time outdoors.

Water features – The techniques used to manage storm water will no longer be hidden from view. Rain barrels, rain gardens and stone retaining walls add stunning dimension to lush landscapes while serving an important purpose of collecting, cleaning or stopping the water. In fact, water and other non-plant features, including sculptures or pottery, are becoming focal points in landscapes.

“Naturescaping” reaches full bloom – Growing in developing environmentally conscious landscapes will reach a zenith this year, with ever more homeowners focus on their personal environments. Selecting and growing native plants to attract birds, insects, and wildlife, as well as landscapes that require minimal effort to maintain, will become increasingly important to the outdoor living enthusiast.

For many interior designers, the job this year will move outdoors, as a larger number of homeowners take their entertaining, and their lives, into their backyards. Have you seen other movements toward changes in the design trends for outdoor living in your area? Please them in the comments section below.

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