Some Very Good News for Interior Designers

interior design trendsIn her recent column, State of the Industry: Interior Design, Susan Dickenson of shares some very good news for interior designers and design firms.“According to [a report by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) in their] 2015/2016 Outlook and State of the Industry, interior design sales topped $8.6 billion and the dollar value of products specified annually by U.S. and Canadian designers has reached $68.5 billion, a 35% increase since 2010 (adjusted for inflation). Since 2012, the total number of interior designers is up by more than 10,000, an increase of 33%, and design firms have grown by 13,257, an increase of 7.5%. Growth is expected to continue, albeit at a more modest rate of 4% per year, through 2022.Designers interviewed by the ASID, as well as by Home Accents Today over the past year, have been consistent in reporting that while business is booming, the customer landscape and selling channels continue to change, affecting how interior designers are competing for their share of the consumers’ decorating dollars.”Interior Design Market TrendsBeyond these market trends however, the interior design industry is also evolving. What are being labeled as “macro-trends”, Health & Well-being, Technology, Sustainability, Urbanization, Globalization, and Resiliency are beginning to alter the focus and energy of designers as they work to meet the cyclical demands of an ever-changing client base. Just as holistic medicine and wellness training have taken their markets by storm, a holistic approach to interior design is becoming transformative in the marketplace.Further, interior designers are realizing the necessity of using social media for advertising and customer engagement; a trend which can only grow as platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social sites continue to build traction amongst young and old alike.Finally, the “significance of education and advocacy” among potential clients continues to grow, as both clients and designers seek higher levels of credibility and competency, requiring increased credential licensing and/or designer licensing at the federal or state levelWhich of these trends have you experienced in your design business? Have you begun to focus your energy and creativity on holistic design solutions? Share your thoughts and experiences with us here.