Online Marketing Tips – SEO Basics

We’ve been sharing some valuable information lately about the importance of organic SEO for your design business website. We’ve also shared some insight into the techniques and strategy for effective optimization of your content, whether your website pages or blog posts.In this post, we’d like to share some of the reasons you should be following this valuable advice, by offering some of the most basic SEO information you need to understand why it’s so critical to your success.How to Get Found by Google SEO basicsWhen you publish information to your website, the copy on your Home Page or a blog post, Google "spiders" (automated software) go into each article and scans the copy for "keywords." These spiders are analyzing everything about that page to determine where to index that page within the billions of pages in the Google search engine.For example, if you go to and search under the keyword phrase “interior design,” you will notice something like 1,750,000,000 pages are indexed in Google for this phrase in the search results (and this number is constantly changing).Google will rank a page or article based on over 200 sets of criteria, which can include: design elements, programming style, ease of navigation, popularity, and many more. Since Google is scanning your content, you can see the value of trying to give Google as much "help" as possible.Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about suggesting to Google where to index your content in their search results (SERPs). This is known as “optimized content.”If you want to be indexed under the keyword phrase “interior design,” then you need to repeat that keyword phrase regularly in your content, thus telling Google that your optimized content is related to the business of interior design.Since Google has the power to place you anywhere it wants in their SERPs, all you can do is optimize pages and posts to suggest to the search engine giant where you should be indexed for their searchers.If you are trying to get indexed on the first page of the search results for the phrase “interior design”, you must realize that you are competing with entire websites, more than 1 billion, in this case, that may have dozens of pages which collectively try and rank (or get indexed highly) for the same phrase. It would be nearly impossible for a single blog post to compete with all of those websites. It will be much easier to create content that ranks well for what’s known as a “long-tailed keyword phrase.”Instead of “interior design” (a broad phrase), a long-tailed version might be “interior design for 3 bedroom home” (3.9 million pages in the return). In other words, the more narrowly targeted the keyword phrase used in your content, the more likely you will rank highly in Google's search results for that phrase.The higher you rank (the best spot is page 1 in the top 5 results), the more people will click on the link to your page or post. The more people that click on your link, the more exposure you get, etc. This will be fun for you once you've optimized a few pages and posts – and have seen the results!For more, click here for a free SEO Guide from NGNG Enterprises.Looking for more interior design tips, trends, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.