Marketing with Video [5 Quick Tips to Boost Engagement]

As an interior designer, you live in a visual world, which makes marketing with video essential to your success. Video engages the viewer in ways that text is simply unable to accomplish. It reaches both the left- and right-brain places in your prospect’s heads – the places where they make decisions, both emotionally and logically.

When you examine the numbers, it’s easy to understand the increasing popularity of marketing with video. What do I mean? Well, YouTube alone receives more than ONE BILLION visits a month; nearly 50% of people, having viewed a product on video, go on to seek further information on the product; and some 60% of the decision makers in business prefer shopping by video over text presentations. Because of this broad appeal to a diverse client base, video is fast becoming the online marketing tool of choice, with increasing numbers of video-sharing platforms available online.

Effective Video Marketing for Interior Designers

Unfortunately, video is not magic. There are a few rules to follow to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing video. Here are the 5 Video Marketing Quick Tips I promised in the title:

  1. Explain What You Do for Clients – By now pretty much everyone has learned the value of what’s called an “Elevator Pitch,” a quick and clear explanation of what you do. Turn this into a marketing video, about 2-3 minutes long, and you’ll begin to see better traffic and increased conversions.
  2. Focus On Solutions – Video is the perfect tool for Solution-based selling, because it’s as close to face-to-face as you can get. You know what problems that your customers come to you with; give them product based solutions that you know they will benefit from and watch your conversions jump.
  3. Niche-Specific Marketing Strategies – Offering information that is specific to your niche and valuable to your prospect will make you the expert they turn to for more. Once you’ve reached expert status in the minds of your prospects, loyalty grows and conversions become more consistent.
  4. Laser-Focused Marketing Tactics – Video will allow you to pin-point your target market – your ideal client – much more easily, with direct appeals to their rational and emotional sides. This two-pronged approach is incredibly powerful and effective.
  5. Don’t Forget the Social Network, including YouTube – As the popularity of video has increased so too have the platforms on which you can place it. Facebook and Twitter, once a video black hole, have both begun to feature video and, while you may not think of it as such, YouTube has actually become the NUMBER 1 social site on the internet.

BONUS TIP – 3 Simple Video SEO Tips

Sure, as soon as you see the letters “SEO” you want to click away HOWEVER – your team absolutely must optimize your marketing video properly. Why? It’s really pretty simple. Google and the other search engines are unable to watch video to determine the subject. This means you have to tell them what’s in your video, and this is actually pretty easy to do.

When you post a video to your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other online video platform, make sure you do these three things:

  • Title Tag – Create a compelling, informative title for your marketing video that also contains your keyword, and place it in the Title Tag area provided. Try to keep this title to 60 characters. Example: Marketing with Video Strategy [5 Quick Tips].
  • Meta Description – Create a compelling and informative 156-character description of your video that includes a variation of your keyword, and place it in the Meta Description box provided. Example: Your strategy for marketing with video should be benefits-based & focused, offering solutions to your target audience, if you hope to increase engagement. (155 characters).
  • Meta Tags – Use descriptive and compelling keywords, about half-a-dozen, which are specific to the subject of your marketing video. Example: marketing with video, video marketing strategy, video and social media, use video for engagement, use video for conversions, marketing video SEO.

For anyone who has been hesitant to produce a marketing video, the time is here to get busy and get it done. There are plenty of cost-effective options available for you to begin your marketing with video strategy. Don’t wait any longer, or you will be leaving sales that you might have made out there to your competition. Contact me to learn more about this invaluable marketing tool.