Is Your Interior Design Facebook Page Dying?

There are a couple of indications that your interior design Facebook Page may be on life support, requiring immediate help.

  • Losing “Likes” and “Followers” – your audience is shrinking.
  • Conversions are dropping – you're not making sales from your FB Page as you once did.

If you're still doing the same things that originally grew your audience and sparked sales, yet one or both of the above are happening, then it’s beyond time to change your Facebook marketing strategy.

5 Facebook Marketing Habits that could Save your Facebook Page

If you're thinking of your FB page as just another advertising outlet, you're doing it wrong. Your Facebook Page is a place to build relationships, to get to know your audience, and let them get to know you. Facebook is, after all, a “Social Network”, so be social; have conversations and share information just as you would during a face-to-face encounter.

If you're willing to develop some new habits for interacting with your Facebook audience, you’ll not only save your page, you’ll also grow your audience and increase conversions! Here’s how:

  1. Engage with your audience – as if they are real people, because they are! There must be things that turn you off about some of the pages you’ve “Liked” on Facebook in the past, causing you to “Unlike” or “Unfollow” them. If you're doing the same things on your FB page expecting a different result from your own audience then, whatever they are, you need to stop doing them right now!
  2. Clarify your target audience – to see if you still appeal to the same demographic. Perhaps your product mix or services have changed over time, as most businesses do. Maybe your competition has gotten a leg up on you and has stolen a piece of your audience. These types of changes may mean that your approach no longer appeals to the same audience. If so, it’s time to figure out where they’ve gone and implement a strategy to get them back.
  3. Share wisely – and appeal to the interests of your audience. Of course, you have to get to know them first but, once you do, you can share videos, news stories, and other content that will appeal to them, letting them appreciate you more. If you share nothing but advertising disguised as “opportunities”, you’ll force them away from your page in droves.
  4. Tag judiciously – over-tagging to boost reach is annoying in the extreme. Respect your audience enough to avoid this boorish practice.
  5. Be real – and be interested. Be a human being. After all, if you're going to spend time on Facebook in an effort to engage your audience, you should do it in ways that show respect and concern for their time, as well as your own.

By taking action when your interior design Facebook Page is struggling, you should be able to remove yourself from life support and improve your chances of increasing Likes, adding Followers, and boosting Reach; which are the very reasons you began offering a Facebook Page in the first place, right?