Internet Marketing Tips – 5 Best Ways to Use Video Marketing

video marketing goalsWe all know that video can be entertaining and that there are millions out there on the internet who will watch nothing but those cute cat and dog videos for their amusement every day. While “creations” like these may attract a broad audience, they do little to help a business gain traction or engagement with a targeted audience.When it comes to using video for marketing your design business, the question must be answered: Whom are you trying to reach – and why?Business objectives with video marketingUltimately, the goal of every marketing effort should be to generate income. However, the ways you go about doing this can make all the difference in the just how you employ video as part of your marketing efforts. In other words, while the long-term goal of your marketing efforts is to boost revenue, you should also have a short-term goal for each video you produce.Video can be used in a variety of ways, with a range of outcomes for your business. Here are the five best ways to use video in your marketing efforts:

  1. Lead Generation – Valuable information tends to be shared, which will increase interest in what you have to offer. This will boost traffic from your video platform (YouTube, for example) to your website, creating opportunities for enhanced list-building. Whether you provide “explainer” videos, “how-to” videos, or make other types of information available in your videos, the more value it has, the more leads you’ll generate.
  2. Increased Engagement – Good video generates comments from the audience, which creates opportunities for you to interact with them. Doing so allows your audience to “get to know you” on a more personal level, building loyalty toward you and your brand.
  3. Brand Awareness – Imagery reinforces brand awareness as almost nothing else can. Once your audience has a firm picture of your brand embedded in their minds, it will be difficult for your competition to replace it.
  4. Product launch – Something like 65% of people are visual learners. This means that showing a new product will likely be far more effective than explaining it to your target audience. If you're launching a new service, create videos that show it in the most flattering way possible, while also clearly demonstrating the benefits of using it – how it will make their life better.
  5. Conversions – Making the sale is your ultimate goal, so you should never forget to create videos in which you ask for the sale. As you use your marketing videos to engage and build relationships with your target audience, it will become increasingly difficult for them to refuse when you ask them to buy from you. Use this to your advantage to increase conversions and boost ROI.

BONUS TIP: User Reviews – 61% of shoppers check out product reviews before buying, according to Whether you're offering a product or service, the opinions of satisfied customers genuinely do matter. Video reviews are even more powerful because your audience can see the reviewer and judge their honesty and integrity for themselves. Take advantage of this by creating user reviews as an integral part of your video marketing strategy.Can you think of other ways to best use video to promote your business? How has video enhanced your marketing efforts? What do you think are the best ways to use video for marketing your business?Looking for more interior design marketing tips? Get in touch with TD Fall today.