Interior Designer Marketing Tips: Are You Struggling to Find New Clients? [INFOGRAPHIC]

interior designer marketing tipsIt’s no secret that most designers go through periods where they struggle to build their client base. While we’ve shared many interior designer marketing tips in the past at this blog, it’s always helpful to know why you might be having trouble finding new clients – and, you do not have to think it’s all your fault!In a recent article at, we discover that cost and lack of need are the two biggest barriers to hiring a designer among all generations, according to exclusive research from Furniture Today.Of course, this information is not exactly surprising; yet there is a huge value to be found in understanding more clearly what the data have to say about the demographics involved. It’s equally valuable to understand precisely where today’s consumers are willing to invest in interior design services.Interior Design Client DemographicsAccording to the research, consumers are much more likely to consider working with a designer for complete room overhauls, while preferring to tackle redecorating projects themselves.

  • A complete kitchen renovation is the home project for which consumers are most likely to consider using a designer, with Millennials most likely at 54%, significantly more than Generation X at 45% and slightly more than Baby Boomers at 52%.
  • Overall, the cost is the strongest deterrent for Generation X, at 79%, slightly ahead of Millennials at 78% and Baby Boomers at 76%. Lack of need, at 65%, is a bigger barrier for Baby Boomers than both Millennials (62%) and Generation X (57%).
  • However, not all barriers to hiring a designer stem from perceived negative aspects of the designer experience, with 57% to 62% of all demographics declaring they simply prefer designing themselves.

For more, check out the infographic below.interior designer marketing tipsEconomics of Interior Design BusinessYet, despite these somewhat depressing numbers, all is not lost. The interior design industry generates a significant amount of revenue each year across the US. In fact, based on the most recent data we could find, the total annual economic impact (direct, indirect, and induced) of the interior design sector in the United States was estimated to be $96.3 billion in 2016, which can support 522,400 jobs annually.

  • Total revenue for the interior design sector is estimated to be $49.0 billion, generating nearly 200,000 jobs annually.
  • The interior design sector generates an additional $47.3 billion in ripple effects each year, supporting 323,136 more jobs in the country in annually.
  • Among the total, 110,141 workers were employed directly in interior design industries, and the rest were interior design workers in supporting industries. (

Needless to say, as the economy continues to improve, and the housing market continues to grow, the future looks bright for the savvy designer who can target their market accurately and offer the services sought by each client demographic.Looking for more interior designer marketing tips, new design trends, and design product ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.