Interior Design Tips: How to Make a Bathroom Look Bigger

From millennials living in tiny houses to seniors making the money-saving move to smaller spaces like townhomes and condos, adding a roomy feeling to their homes for your clients requires some innovative thinking. When space is at a premium in the bathroom, these interior design tips should come in very handy for you.

Floating Vanity in the Bathroom

When space gets tight in a bathroom, balancing the need for storage with a desire for breathing room can be quite the challenge. A floating vanity is a great answer for making such a small area feel larger. Even with room to store daily essentials, the bit of flooring that’s revealed beneath makes the area feel a notch more open.

This 48” Single Sink Floating Vanity with Mirror is from

floating vanity

Reflect More of the Space You Have to Work With

Make the space feel more spacious than it actually is.  A large mirror can double the size of your space and, in a bathroom especially, can really help to visually double your investment.

Large Rectangular Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror With LED Lighting from

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Glass Adds Class – And Space

A great way to expand the look and feel of a small bathroom is by replacing a shower curtain with a glass panel or door in the shower. By eliminating the visual wall, the entire square footage of the room will be visible at once for a bigger look, especially when you’re in the shower. A frameless glass design adds an even more open feeling.

Avalux Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure from

frameless glass shower

Use Small Bathroom Size to Your Advantage

As mentioned in a previous post, cozy spaces are in this year. If you can turn the limited space of a smaller bathroom into a positive for your client by making it feel intimate and comfy, you’ll do yourself and them a favor. Choosing a single color in various shades can create a sense of coziness, a richly stained wood vanity and mirror frame adds a touch of luxury. The small floor tiles add a splash of contrasting texture that keeps the space looking modern and fresh.

Better Homes & Gardens offers more ideas like this one at

cozy bathroom design

These are just a few ideas for making a small bathroom look bigger. If you're really stuck for ideas to open up spaces for your clients, it’s time to invest in some research into other interior design tips that you can employ on their behalf.

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