Interior Design Success – Organizing Cluttered Spaces for Your Clients

If success in real estate is all about location, location, location – then interior design success is all about space, space, space; not just how you decide to fill a space but also how you choose to organize it for your clients. From kitchens to bathrooms (as well as master suites and kids’ rooms), finding ways to bring order out of chaos is an important part of the designer’s job.As the trend toward finding ways to de-clutter continues to gain traction, in our homes and our lives, a sharp interior designer will present clients with ways to bring order to their homes. Offering stylish solutions to a cluttered environment should put your clients firmly in your corner, for both future design projects and referrals to family and friends.Below, we offer an enticing selection of innovative choices made by a variety of designers whose design choices included stretching their organizational skills.Floating Shelves Adds Organization to a Busy BathroomWhen designing a bathroom for a busy family of five, designer Wanda Ely used a wide trough-style sink that lets all three children brush their teeth at once and she added clever storage solutions. The floating, rustic maple shelves had holes routed out of them to fit various glass and metal inserts that help hold and organize their belongings.interior design success(Bath design images and descriptions courtesy of Open Kitchen Design for Less ClutterIf your client is looking for a clean, contemporary look, consider using open shelving in the kitchen. While doing this may seem counterintuitive, because of its constant visibility, open shelving will encourage them keep their kitchen items tidy and design trends(Kitchen design images and descriptions courtesy of Solutions for Tight SpacesFor the bathroom of a longtime customer-turned-friend, designer Katie Gagnon created a unique storage unit, between a pair of pedestal sinks, for the space. The storage cabinet was custom made while the door is a vintage salvaged saving bathroom designUsing Glass for Openness and OrganizationIf your clients are hesitant to accept a completely open shelving design for the kitchen, consider using glass-door shelving to keep shelves under control and free of saving kitchen designFind Subtle Ways to Hide Storage SolutionsThis bathroom's storage area features a pink and green color scheme that coordinates with the entire space. The delicate curtains create a whimsical feel while hiding the built-in storage area. Image courtesy of ClosetMaid.bathroom design trendsRethinking Kitchen Storage SpaceWith countertop space at a premium in so many kitchens, offer your clients the chance to rethink their storage solutions. Using deep drawers or pull-out shelving in cabinets will reduce clutter and free up plenty of counter space. Arranging them vertically, as pictured here, allows you to quickly select the right tool for the job. Labels can also help with organizing kitchen storage, though they may not be necessary. ( appliance storageLooking for more tips on interior design success, new home design trends, designer marketing tips, and product ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.