Interior Design Options Online – Overcoming Online Competition

interior design options onlineIf there is one thing we have all learned about potential clients who spend time “researching” interior design options online it is this: the internet provides them with just enough information to make them dangerous, to themselves and us. In other words, regardless of how much time a consumer may spend online before they decide to buy, they really have little to no idea of what is truly possible for relieving their pain points or satisfying their interior design needs.Overwhelmingly, the online competition you face as a designer is based on price: cheaper furnishings, wall coverings, draperies, and rugs or carpeting. Of course, by doing this, today’s consumer may base their decisions on what they read and research online without consulting an actual expert. In fact, they’re encouraged to think that the “advice” they receive online is as good as that of someone with years of training and experience. As a result, they impatiently browse for a bit before clicking the “order” button.Online purchases like these can be misguided and are always impersonal, which frequently costs the consumer more money in the long term.As an interior designer you have a distinct advantage over your competition from online sellers and resellers who focus exclusively on price – you are face-to-face with the client. Nothing can beat building a relationship, the more personalized the better, and online stores are simply too impersonal to make the type of powerful impression that you are capable of making.

Be the Design Expert Your Client Needs

Although many consumers have shifted their attention to online sellers, nothing beats one-on-one consultation with a designer or retail personnel who can provide highly personalized advice on quality furniture that would accurately reflect their lifestyle and image. In order to do so, a designer or seller would need to first take a shift in perspective; moving from merely “making a sale” to offering the satisfaction of creating and fulfilling a design concept that satisfies the needs of the client.Regardless of market niche, today’s savvy consumer wants true value for their money. Therefore, the equally savvy designer must suggest that luxury furnishings can be a long-term investment that can go beyond generations and will never go out of style. In addition, high-end furniture is a direct reflection of a business or a person’s image that would certainly make a statement to prospective business partners, employees, friends, or family. Finally, quality sets or pieces can be sold again through online consignment shops and can still command a respectable price.Click here for tips on Helping Clients Focus on High-Value Improvements.Looking for more new design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.