Interior Design Online Marketing - Blogging

Are you blogging regularly to your interior design website? If not, your marketing strategy will suffer.

Many website owners fear “giving it all away” on their blog, leaving nothing to sell their audience. This was understandable in the days of traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses. However, the very nature of online marketing has forced a dramatic change in that paradigm, of which blogging has become a vital part.

In the impersonal world of internet marketing, building your reputation, creating trust, and fostering relationships with visitors to your website often requires that you use your blog to offer high-value information to your readers, in addition to using it as a promotional tool. Certainly, you can use your blog for promotion from time to time, but industry best practices suggest that freely sharing valuable information with your readers offers the potential for even greater rewards in the long run – through increased conversions.

Here is a video about giving away content and creating real value for visitors, to help build an audience of people who know, like, and trust you. The woman in the video has built a strong reputation for helping folks create and grow an online identity, as well as build a successful online business. She often presents information that helps website owners do things for themselves that she offers as a service, but she believes that doing so enhances her reputation and builds trust and loyalty among her audience.

As she explains, one way to do this is through the use of blogging as a means to offer value.

If your goal is to build value – with the increased trust that naturally follows – your blog posts should always be informative, even if they do not directly relate to the products or services you offer. Doing this builds credibility, enhancing your reputation as an expert in your field, and building the impression that you can be trusted.

An example of a high-value blog post might be this one, from the Australian furniture showroom, While it may seem counter-intuitive, and even counter-productive to offer such information to consumers who may be considering hiring an interior designer; consider the amount of increased respect and trust you can garner through the perception that you would set aside your self-interest to educate your audience.

Here is another example of high-value information that can boost your reputation: Interior Design Tips: 100+ Experts Share their Best Advice.

By ensuring that the blogging you do is a positive, informative experience for your readers, you will also ensure that your interior design online marketing strategy is successful.