Interior Design Market Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are some very positive trends taking place in the marketplace for interior designers, manufacturers, and suppliers.According to a June 29th article at, “The business of interior design has been quite good over the past 12 months, and American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) expects that to continue. Last year’s State of the Industry report showed that interior design had fully recovered to pre-recession levels, and the momentum carried through this year, with only slight moderation. With all indicators showing robust growth, this is a good time to be in the interior design business."Further, the report from ASID shows strong and consistent growth in the interior design business, with the number of designers up nearly 12%, and with design firms growing by 6% in the past year. Check out the infographic below for more of these exciting interior design market trends…Image1Even better, with new home construction (up 8% to 35% for multi-family) and business/commercial building (up some 9% nationwide) on the rebound, the factors that influence and drive growth in the design profession, included competition, costs and profitability, industry economy, pace of change, perceived lack of value, regulation and liability, sustainability, and time factors show no signs of slowing down these current trends in the marketplace.Design Elements that are Spurring Interior Design GrowthWhy is this happening, you may ask. Well, as we’ve discussed in two previous blog posts within the past year, sustainability and technology have become critically important elements in the marketplace, both of which are helping to drive these upward trends. Other elements that are being incorporated into interior design projects, and that are having a powerful influence on growth in the industry, most often include health, innovation, science and tech, and security.For more on how technology and sustainability are driving market trends in interior design, check out these two posts:Interior Design Tips – Yes, Sustainability is a ThingKnow Your Marketplace – Millennials Influencing Interior Design TrendsHave you seen an uptick in design projects during the past 12 months? Which design elements seem to be driving growth in your marketplace this year? Share your comments below.