How to Turn Your Email List into Sales!

It goes without saying that generating a list of email addresses for potential clients has great value; yet, while offering a traditional “Opt-in Gift” may help you begin your list, it will not enable you to generate conversions from your list. It may not even do much for growing your list. So, what’s the solution? You need to generate an ongoing series of emails that offer real value, that nurtures a relationship between you and your list, and that asks for your target audience to take action.The best way to accomplish this is to offer a series of valuable FREEBIES to those on your list. By using their email address to stay in touch with them on a regular basis, and to address their pain points with valuable free information, you can begin to build the type of trust and loyalty that will eventually lead them to seriously consider doing business with you. After all, when was the last time you were willing to commit $1000-$2000, or more, with someone you didn’t know?

Implement a Nurture Strategy

Create a series of Free Gifts and Nurturing Emails, designed to nurture an ongoing relationship between you and those on your list. These gifts should be composed of:

  • Opt-in Gifts:
    • Opt-in Article (1250-1500 words) a narrow topic, explored in depth
    • Mini-eBook (2500-3000 words) expanding on the first subject, with multiple resolutions
    • Full eBook (5000-7500 words) explore the subject fully and in depth, with multiple resolutions and exercises to reach them
    • Newsletter Template – 3 parts: share a timely subject with resolution (latest blog post/vlog?), special offer (from self or others), bio and experience, ask for feedback/contact info.

Once you’ve designed and created your series of Free Gifts, you’ll need a matching series of Nurture Emails to help build the relationship with your list members. Of course, you can keep a nurturing email string going almost indefinitely but, at a minimum, this series of emails should include:

  • Nurturing Emails:
    • Thank you for opting-in, your gift is on the way
    • Your Gift is here!
    • Mini-eBook Give Away Follow-up Email – Get Your 2nd FREE Gift Today!
    • 2nd gift is here!
    • Full eBook Follow-up (for sale CHEAP or 3rd give away) – Get Your 3rd FREE Gift (or Special Price) Today!
    • Your eBook is here!
    • Special Offer – for email list subscribers ONLY! Close the Sale!
    • Special Offer – Thank you for Signing-up!

An email nurture strategy like this is a proven technique for not just increasing conversions, but also for growing your list, by offering recipients the opportunity to share links to the valuable information with others who may then Opt-in with you!If you’d like to begin working on an Opt-in/Email Nurture Strategy, but aren’t sure how to begin, get in touch with me today for help and guidance.