Hot Design Trends for Spring 2016

Once you’ve reimagined the space in a client’s bathroom or kitchen, replacing bathtubs and faucets or appliances and dinettes, what do you have left to work on for them? According to the home design website, your best move to follow is to focus on the two Vs: vanities and views.Farmhouse-style vanity solutions that workBringing style to the vanity area of a client’s master suite may not be at the top of your list of priorities when you contemplate redesigning the bath area, but it should be; not least because it will be a focus of attention for the “Lady of the house”. It also emphasizes your creativity and attention to detail, which will boost the value of your design suggestions for your clients. (See our recent post on Value-based Selling.)Hot Design Trend 1 No longer an afterthought, this space has become a focal point of the bathroom, with functional elegance as a centerpiece of which the homeowner can be proud.Hot Design Trend 2While tucked into its own well-defined area, this vanity has actually opened the space considerably, with a design that extends all the way to the ceiling, where LED strip lighting illuminates a cove overhead.Kitchens that focus on exterior viewsFar more than a mere space for cooking meals, kitchens have long been a gathering place for families, and will continue to be for decades to come. The reasons for this can vary greatly from family to family, but the fact is that kitchens are often seen as the centerpiece of the home, from which all other spaces radiate.Yet, staring at appliances during a family meal or discussion leaves little on which to focus, which brings us to kitchens with a view. In some cases, a truly awesome view…Hot Design Trend 3It makes little sense to limit the view of the coast at Big Sur to a single room, when such a breathtaking site is available to those in the kitchen as well.Hot Design Trend 4Why would you restrict such a panoramic view by making it available only to those in the living room? Instead, bring the open lifestyle your clients must have been seeking when they chose this location right into their new kitchen.Hot Design Trend 5If you are willing to “think outside the box”, just a bit, your clients will be able to enjoy the view outside the house from every room within it. After all, if your clients were willing to make the investment in a home with such a view, it behooves you to make it available to them from every possible location.These are just a copule of the design trends were beginning to see for the spring of 2016. What have you begun to see in your market?