Designer Marketing Tips – The Role of SEO in Online Marketing

SEO in online marketingAs part of our series on the importance of SEO in online marketing for interior designers, there are a few important points that must be made for those of you who continue to resist developing an SEO strategy, for whatever reason.

  • Underperforming Website – In its simplest form, an underperforming website is one that attracts little attention from potential clients. If your website struggles to attract fresh traffic, it’s likely that you are failing to attract attention from simple internet searches. There will usually be two reasons for this: your website has little fresh, relevant content, or you have not optimized the pages and posts properly.
  • High “Bounce” Rate – The bounce rate at your website the percentage of visitors who navigate away from your site after viewing only one page. A high bounce rate is a strong indicator that your website lacks high-quality content and that you need to offer something more to keep visitors interested.
  • Low “Conversion” Rate – In a strict sense, “conversion marketing” involves making a serious effort at increasing conversions, that is, attracting site visitors who are, or will become, paying customers. However, a conversion may also be defined as enticing a visitor to take a specific action; that is, clicking on a Call-to-Action such as: “Click here for more information” or “Click here to schedule a free consultation”.

Each of these problems indicates that you have failed to fully engage your visitors and that you need to improve your online marketing efforts – and your SEO strategy – if you wish to make the investment you’ve made in your website pay off.Who is Google’s Customer? Not You!It’s important, if not critical, to remember that the customer for whom Google is working is NOT you and your business or website. Their customer is the consumer who is searching for you – or your competitor.In other words, Google works for the searcher, not the content provider.After all, when you perform a search are you worried about how hard a website has worked to attract you, or do you just want to know which site(s) will provide the best information to satisfy your search query?Understanding this is the first step to ensuring that the time and resources you're investing to make your design website as attractive as possible to the search engines and potential clients is worth it.While Google and the other search engines have expanded the influence of other factors when determining rankings, SEO and online marketing specialists can maximize their traffic and conversion opportunities through keyword rankings by creating quality content around niche concepts and phrases that their target audience uses or searches for.This allows brands to increase their monthly traffic and receive qualified conversions based on the type of consumer research that guides their content development efforts. ( for more interior design marketing tips, trends, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today. And, if you need help developing or improving your SEO strategy, we can refer you to our favorite SEO Strategist!