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While most interior designers spend the majority of their time working for homeowners, the opportunity presented by remodeling commercial office space can’t be ignored. Expanding your services to include office remodel projects offers a great deal of potential for more work and increased profits to a savvy designer – which is why we offer it as one of our favorite designer marketing tips.While the key to a successful office design is to ensure productivity, how you accomplish this goal can make a huge difference to your client. Offices today are being designed around the way people work and interact, rather than dictating to the occupant. This means the end of cubicles and corner offices, and the beginning of more playful, user-friendly, and fun working atmospheres.Beyond the use of space, comfort, colors, and sound-suppression have become extremely important factors in a successful office remodel.For example…Multiple Meeting PlacesThough some people work best at their desk, others work better in a more relaxed atmosphere. That’s why so many different offices are turning toward more open, playful designs. In this case, casual conversation areas encourage meetings and discussions between employees away from their desks. Boldly colored acoustic beams in the ceiling help ensure these conversations don’t overlap with one another. ( remodel projectsFunction + Comfort = Increased Productivity

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The current human-centered office design trend is all about encouraging movement and engagement. Being stuck at a desk all day doesn’t exactly fit that bill. Give employees options to work in spaces that fit the task at hand. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that human-centered office design strives to recreate that “at home” feel in the office as a way to get the creative juices flowing. ( SeclusionWhile open offices have a lot of benefits, one drawback that they may have is the lack of privacy for certain types of meetings. Temporary partitions and sound-proof panels can make an instant, temporary meeting place that can offer privacy and sound absorption that folds up again in an instant when the meeting is over. ( design servicesSustainable Office SolutionsUnlike drywall or cubicle walls, the Teknion Altos wall system promotes employee collaboration, enhanced natural office lighting, and presents a flexible, reconfigurable solution to suit the ever-changing needs of any office. Plus, in addition to saving a durable, well-maintained product from the landfill, the overall expense to reuse existing walls is comparable to that of drywall, presenting huge cost savings for a vastly superior alternative that integrated with existing finishes and original design intent. ( design servicesNoise Reduction SolutionsOften open offices and semi-private floor plans are best made in industrial-style office buildings with tall ceilings and concrete floors. Unfortunately, this can lead to echoes and difficulty with keeping conversations private. By hanging acoustic paneling, you can absorb sound and keep the echoes to a minimum no matter how large the room.commercial office remodeling servicesCommercial office space is always changing to meet the needs and demands of today’s workers. Gone are secluded corner offices and the idea that people must be isolated to get their best work done. With more emphasis being placed on spaces becoming multifunctional, it’s certain that the way people view productivity is soon to change as well. For a clever interior designer, responding to this trend in office design can lead to a strong surge in design projects.Are you looking for more new interior design trends, designer marketing tips, and product ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.