Audience Survey Follow-up Emails – Designer Nurture Campaign

nurture your audienceNow that you have a sense of the issues that are most important to your audience, thanks to the quarterly survey of your email subscriber list, you can take your marketing efforts a step further by employing a series of survey follow-up emails.Often referred to as a nurture campaign, the series of survey follow-up emails you will use to engage with your subscribers will build relationships, establishing your expertise as a designer, and encourage them to act in ways that will benefit both of you. The campaign will focus on marketing and communication efforts by listening to the needs of prospects and providing them with the information and answers they need.So, how to begin a nurture campaign?Pick the TWO most common answers to the question, “What is the most burning question…”In your follow-up email, ask them to choose ONE of the two and hit “Reply” to tell you.Once you receive their answer, you have the perfect opportunity to send them the BRAND-NEW FREE GIFT you created for them: “The Solution to [problem A/B] That Always Works.” Click here to download your free copy today!Oh, did we forget to mention the new gifts?It’s Time to Create More FreebiesThe point of a nurture campaign is to encourage subscribers to engage with you more freely, and giving them free stuff will encourage them to click-through to your website and take the action you’ve asked of them.Of course, this strategy will only be successful if the gift has real value to your subscriber, something that answers their “#1 most burning question” and helps them overcome a pain point.Ultimately, your nurture campaign has three goals:

  • Turn subscribers into leads
  • Turn leads into buyers
  • Generate referrals & new leads greatest hope for your follow-up emails is to make a sale, accomplishing any one of these three goals can be considered a success.

Your greatest hope for your follow-up emails is to make a sale, so accomplishing any one of these three goals can be considered a success.Remember, this is a campaign, not a one-off hard sell email. More emails will follow this first follow-up – and yes, you may want to offer more freebies, such as a free consultation or free estimate of a larger solution to their problem.Plus, the whole campaign can be set up to run automatically, using an automated email marketing service like MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, or Infusionsoft (the big boy on the block).Using a series of survey follow-up emails at the beginning of a nurture campaign is a proven marketing strategy that, if implemented with sincerity and patience, can offer an excellent return on investment.Looking for more new design trends, marketing tips, and ideas? Get in touch with TD Fall today.