3 Easy Tips for Marketing Videos to Promote Your Design Business

video marketingIn a previous post, we explained the incredible value of video marketing and shared a list of the best types of marketing videos you can use to promote your interior design business. Yet, many design business owners continue to resist the use of video in their marketing plan, usually due to fear: fear of cost, fear of looking bad, fear of embarrassing themselves.There is only one thing that can be said about that – get over it.Marketing with video is simply too powerful and effective for you to allow fear to keep you from using it to promote your design business. As a way to help you with that, we’d like to share a few ideas that should make using video much easier for you, helping you find your comfort zone with video marketing.3 Easy Marketing Video PresentationsWhile we listed 11 types of videos that have real value for marketing any business, we’d like to focus on the three easiest types of videos you can produce as the foundation of your marketing strategy. And, since you now have a comprehensive content plan in place, you will never be wanting for subjects.

  1. Tip Videos – As a tool for building your reputation as an expert in the design niche, a tip video may have no equal. In just 3-5 minutes, you can outline a popular pain point for potential design clients, then offer 1-3 solutions. This lets them know you understand their needs and that you have the answer they’re searching for. It’s a huge win for them, and for you, as you freely share your obvious expertise.
  2. How-to Videos – Usually a bit longer than a tip video, a how-to video can be used to explain concepts that may be difficult for the uninitiated to understand. From the fundamentals of the design process to programming SMART appliances or electronics, both prospects and clients will appreciate your guidance through a world with which they are likely unfamiliar.
  3. Client Testimonials – These are the easiest videos of all to produce – since you may not even appear on camera! Since you're already asking your very happy design clients to write a testimonial for you (YES, you are!), it’s a simple step to ask a few of them if they would be willing to use their camera phone or web camera to shoot a quick video testimonial for you. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by how many of them say “Yes”.

With attention spans shrinking, offering a quick, clear video presentation that educates your viewer is becoming an increasingly powerful online marketing tool. For maximum effect, your videos should be uploaded to both your website and your YouTube channel. (OF COURSE, you have a YouTube channel, right?)And, as mentioned above, your videos should be used as the foundation of your marketing strategy, with your weekly blog posts and social media content focused on the subjects of your weekly videos.So, easy peasy, you now have a video marketing plan in place that coincides perfectly with your 5-minute content plan, enabling you to share your expertise across a variety of platforms as part of your marketing strategy.See how it all comes together so well, with these 3 easy tips for marketing videos to promote your design business online?Looking for more interior design marketing tips? Get in touch with TD Fall today.