2017 Interior Design Trends for the Home

According to the online design magazine Houzz.com, here are some of the hottest interior design trends we will see in the New Year.

First, on the fun side of things, voice-activated assistants are making a huge impact. Leading the way is Amazon Alexa, with Google Home making a recent addition to the marketplace. These devices act as a voice-activated interface for virtually all of the digital devices and appliances in your home or office. Simply speak the activation phrase, and the near-dormant device fires up and awaits your command. You can ask it to give you the weather, play a song from Spotify, dim or brighten your lights or power up the hot tub.

Click here to read a review and comparison of Google Home vs. Amazon Echo/Alexa: Cnet.com.


Amazon Echo uses Alexa as your interface.

Generally seen as the most used room in the house, the kitchen can always use more storage. Now, many homeowners and designers are doing away with expanses of upper cabinets and pushing all that storage onto a single hardworking wall. This one-stop hub frees up the rest of the space to create an open, breezy look.


Kitchen Storage Walls instead of Cabinets

Making a good first impression has value and the entry to your home, like a bathroom or vanity, is a compact space where you can have fun with innovation and design – without blowing a budget.


Innovative Entry Design

Certain rooms, such as kitchens, provide little opportunity to make a statement due to a lack of wall space. In these spaces, graphic floor tiles can be used to dress, and impress, such a space.


Graphic Floor Tiles make an Impression

Most homeowners strive for a calm and cozy bedroom by sticking with walls painted in soothing blues, grays or yellows. But according to a recent Houzz survey, intimate or romantic is the third-most desired atmosphere for a master bedroom after calm and cozy. To achieve this mood, look to colors like raspberry pink, deep ruby red, caramel and even black.


Romantic Colors for the Bedroom

Of course, the list of 2017 interior design trends is far longer than those we’ve shared here. To learn more, click her to read the article, 28 Design Ideas Coming to Homes Near You in 2017, by Mitchell Parker.

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