Designer Marketing Tips – How to Define Your Brand

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In a previous post we shared 5 Brand Building Tips for Interior Designers. With further help from the experts at, we would like to share tips on the brand building process; the how-to steps you can take to better define your brand.

While there is no one-size-fits-all process for brand building, there are some definite and generally accepted principles that will enhance your brand building strategy. In short, building your brand requires innovation, creativity, correct value proposition, constant monitoring, and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Your Brand Building Strategy

To be effective, your brand building strategy must include:

  • Describe Your brand – The first step of brand building is to describe the brand. This can be done through product description, packaging, logos, and other identifiers. The way a brand is defined builds the brand equity and forms the foundation of the customer perception.

  • Make Your Brand Unique – Once a product or service is created, it is critical that the brand is differentiated from its competition with some unique value. Also, positioning the brand correctly is an essential element of brand building.

  • Promote Your Brand – Advertising and promoting the brand using a website, social media, print ads, online advertising, etc., is one of the most important pillars of brand building as it helps in creating brand awareness. Correct communication and effective media channels can help build a strong brand and helps increase brand recall.

  • Personalize Your Brand – Brand building is most effective when a customer feels connected to it. This means giving a personal touch to the customer through innovation and customization which can help with building a stronger perception in the mind of your target audience.

  • Evaluate Your Brand – It is important that you regularly monitor and review the performance of your products, services and brands. This means an evaluation and review of your brand and strategy are an essential element of effective brand building.

Again, while nothing works all the time for everyone, a strategic approach to brand building increases your odds of success exponentially. Ultimately, your goal is to create a unique identity with your niche – and your market – while clearly identifying the value and benefits of your services to your target audience.

When you define your brand clearly to potential clients, your strategy will be effective.

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