About Ted Fall


Meet Our Founder & President


The fact that he was born into and raised by a family of entrepreneurs says a great deal about Ted, founder and the motivating force behind TD Fall & Co. luxury home furnishings sales.

“My father, an entrepreneur himself, taught me the value of working toward a goal and making sure that everyone involved in the process is on the same page. My customers know that they can rely on my expertise and ability to get them the right products, answers, and resources to assist them in completing their client’s design projects with outstanding results.” – Ted Fall, Founder

From the time he left Indiana University, and with the encouragement of his family, Ted’s goal was to work for himself. He started a construction company concentrating on residential renovations and new builds, as well as light commercial construction. At the same time, he began buying and flipping houses and was part owner in a restaurant and Army-Navy store.

These diverse business interests and experiences soon taught him that, whatever endeavor he chose to pursue, he was learning what it took to be successful and, even if he got knocked down, he got right back up.

Ted quickly learned that challenges and obstacles to success were nothing but a moment in time and, if he persevered and focused on the future, he would be able to eventually reach outcome desired.

After the birth of his first son, Ted found his niche in home furnishing sales, initially selling dining and bedroom furniture to mid-priced retail furniture stores. From this experience and the connections he made, he eventually expanded his reach into the luxury furnishings end of the market where he has built two successful territories, the first in upstate New York, and now in the Mountain States.

Ted’s Vision for the Interior Design & Home Furnishings Industries

Ted’s vision for TD Fall & Co. is to be a dependable source of support to the interior design trade and home furnishings retailers and factories. His goal, and prime motivating force, is to find ways to help designers and luxury furniture outlets solve design challenges for their clients. Whether by customizing an existing piece of furniture, developing solutions to thorny problems, or offering customized services and business training for success, Ted does all he can to support his clients and further their success.

“The fact that most of our industry is made up of family owned companies that really care about their employees is important to me. There are factories that I’ve represented over the years that have two or three generations of family members working there. I don’t know that I’ve run across that in any other industries.

“When talking with other reps, I’ll often hear them say, ‘I really want to do well with this line because the owner and their family are such great people’. This is always a source of inspiration for me because I feel the same.” – Ted Fall, Founder

Looking toward the future, Ted’s vision includes giving back to the industry that has not only helped him to make a great living, but to thrive, enabling him and his family to live an exciting life filled with adventure. It is his goal to continue to help industry reps and designers to build their businesses, enabling them to enjoy the same opportunity through mentoring and training.

Beyond that, TD Fall & Co. is committed to helping home furnishing companies build effective sales procedures, through a comprehensive evaluation of the current strategies that they go to market with. “We are also here to ensure product flow along with solid sales integration, helping them to better monetize their investment in the resources that they have.”

Ted continues to devote time every year to self-improvement through various programs, whether it be a seminar like Tony Robbins Business Mastery or an online course from one of the sales masters. Yet, even this is not enough for him, as he also works with a business coach; always eager and ready to explore new ways of helping design clients and home furnishings accounts.

If you are ready to learn more about TD Fall & Co., the luxury furnishing lines we represent, or our approach to supporting you in your business, contact us today.